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As so many first time parents-to-be are wont to do, Lex and I have been buying and reading several of the billions of pregnancy books currently on the shelves.  We actually bought What to Expect When You’re Expecting a long time ago, just to find out what we were getting into ahead of time.

What to Expect scared me a bit.  It’s got a lot of technical medical info, and tons of passages about all the things can go wrong.  In fact, when I first started reading, I found it hard to believe that any babies were ever brought to term successfully.  Eventually the book acknowledges that its facts and figures may seem scary and reassures the reader that most babies are born without incident, but even so…

My new favorite book is The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy (subtitled “or everything your doctor won’t tell you).  It’s written in such a fun, converstational tone, and after reading just the first few pages I was laughing out loud and thinking that this book could have been written just for me.  It doesn’t have scientific explanations for everything that is happening, which is okay – I can look in the other books for that – and it is filled with funny anecdotes about the author’s and her friends’ pregnancies.  Lex is not excited about this one, even though he hasn’t read it (I think he really didn’t like the story about how the author threw a book at her husband’s head during one of her pregnancies, nor did he like that I found that story amusing!).  However, I definitely recommend it.

Several firsts!

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Hiya, baby!

Lauren’s tummy is JUST starting to show. It’s cute, it’s adorable, it’s beautiful. It’s you!

Thursday, we have our first official mutual OB/GYN consult. We’re expecting to see our very first photo of you! You’ll be very, very tiny, though. Almost smaller than Lauren!

Tummy Grumblings, Maternal Rumblings

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There are definitely things going on in my belly, baby. I don’t know if they’re because of you or colitis or eating too much or what, but I definitely feel it. I won’t go into the gory details, but let’s just say that the activity in my stomach makes a hurricane look like a sun shower. There’s always something grumbling or cramping.

Luckily, though, I haven’t had any true morning sickness yet, just some serious bouts of nausea (which Lex laughed about, giddily appreciating the symptoms of pregnancy – I was not amused).

On a different note, today we flew back from Tucson, and sitting behind us there were two brothers – 12 and 10 years old – who were flying unaccompanied. This was evident by their extremely disruptive behavior that no one seemed to be monitoring. In particular, I appreciated how the younger one kicked me in the back repeatedly. Anyway, when we got off the plane I noticed that the two boys got off as well and were then wandering around by the gate with no flight attendant escort and no parent anywhere in sight. I stopped Lex, approached the boys, and when I confirmed that they were indeed flying alone and their mom was not there yet, I made them come with me and found a Southwest employee to assist them in finding their family. Lex made a joke after about my maternal instinct kicking in already, and though I’d like to think that it was the teacher/person who just loves kids in me that couldn’t leave until I knew those kids were safe, I can’t help but tremble with excitement when I think about getting to take care of you. Today marks approximately the 5th week, 2nd day of pregnancy. I don’t know how I’m going to wait the remaining 34 weeks, 5 days until you arrive.

Wish you were here!

You’re still our little secret!

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See, you don’t normally disclose a pregnancy until around eight or nine weeks. That’s because you want to wait until after the most vulnerable period of the pregnancy (with the highest risk for something to go wrong) has passed.

We don’t like to think about something going wrong. But we sure do like to think about you!

And so right now, we’re in Tucson visiting Papa Ducky and Grammy (whom I call “Mom” and “Dad”). But we’re not telling them yet 🙂 It’s a secret! I’ve even left a few very subtle clues, but no one’s the wiser. We’ll start telling people in about a month — and then even MORE people will be excited about your existence.

But no one, my little friend, will be as excited as me and your mommy!

Testing 1 2 3 (again!)

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Today is my 18th day past ovulation with an elevated basal body temperature (according to my chart). Getting to 18 days is one of the signs of being pregnant – as if the first pregnancy test wasn’t enough! Actually, for me and Lex, it wasn’t, and just to be sure, we decided to do another pregnancy test today, and just to be REALLY sure, Lex took one too. Here are the results:

Can you guess which one was mine? 🙂


Unfortunately for Lex, he is not pregnant, but fortunately for both of us, I am!

I’m sleeping less.

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But it’s not your fault — rather, it’s for your benefit.

Well, okay, some of it’s your fault too 😉 But I don’t mind!

I’m having a little trouble falling asleep these days. When I’m lying down next to Lauren (usually with tail-wagging Charlie somewhere between us), my mind starts racing: I’m excited to know what it’s going to be like over the nine months before we get to meet you — and then the life time we get to know you! Thinking about all that makes my head spin, and falling asleep takes a little longer.

Now… I’ve also instituted a special life change to my sleep schedule. I’m getting up at 5:30. Every morning. I’ll adjust what time I go to sleep accordingly — namely, I’ll go to bed when I’m tired, but I’ll always get up at 5:30. Seven days a week. I’m sure that, early on, you’ll mess up that schedule. But I feel like this is good training for when you do arrive!

(For the moment, I’m enjoying the extra time I get in the day right now from waking up 1.5 hours earlier than I used to be.)

Names you won’t have

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Whether it’s jumping the gun or not, we’ve already been talking about names. We’re not going to tell anybody your name until your born, and we certainly haven’t decided yet, but there are many names we have mutally agreed that you won’t have. You’ll thank us later.

#1. Morgan – There’s nothing wrong with Morgan as a name, but when you look at what the whole name would be, we just can’t do it. You’ll never be in Kiss the Girls.

#2. Ivussaslayv Butnowma – Sorry Lex. I like when you’re amused, but I just can’t do it to our child.

#3. Shlomo Teltoro – Loved it in the Aetna commercial. Not a fan in real life.

#4. Charlie – The dog got there first.

There are definitely more to come.

Two Lines!!!

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I still can’t get over it.  I went through my day today just like any day, pretty much.  Around lunch I reminded myself to eat my apple in addition to my mac’n’cheese – gotta eat healthily when you’re eating for 2!  I also thought about this whole thing again when discussing a fairly behavioral student from another classroom who may have some potential problems tomorrow due to Valentine’s Day.  She had once, in a tantrum, thrown a calculator at me and it hit me in the stomach, so when talking about tomorrow, it occurred to me I should steer clear of her.

But these were just two quick thoughts in the chaos of my day.  Most of the day was business as usual.  It wasn’t until I got this text message from Lex after school:


that it hit me.  I felt like I got slapped with a stupidly huge grin that I couldn’t shake.  I can’t believe it.  Two lines!

My stomach had been “crampy” for the last 10 days or so, which I’ve read is actually normal for some women after implantation.  Today I felt better, though that may be the euphoria kicking in.  Two lines!


We thought about you all day!

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Yep, we thought about you all day, baby — and you barely even exist yet!

Since we don’t intend to tell anyone until we’re at 8ish/9ish weeks, you’re still our little secret. So every time either one of us think of you (which happens all the time, mind you!) our code word to reference you is “two!” That symbolizes the two lines that showed up on the pregnancy test. Two! Woohoo!

You’re barely even visible at this stage. And, we’re trying (emphasis on “trying”) not to get TOO excited just yet, because at this early stage you might not even be you. If you know what I mean.

But let me tell you — we ARE excited. And we can’t wait to meet you, and love you, and take care of you.

When you finally do meet us (late-Octoberish?), I’ll be the taller one.

We passed the test…

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and we didn’t even have to study. Lex and I bought our first pregnancy test today, and giving into temptation, we used the first one. Lo and behold, there were 2 lines! After some bewildered grinning and “Oh my gosh” exclamations, we stood there and hugged, excited for things to come. Then Lex ran to the computer to research false positives while I finished my business in the bathroom.

We’re trying not to get our hopes up too much, since we did test early and there is a real chance that we’re not actually pregnant. But if things work out, October 23ish should be an exciting day 🙂

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