We couldn’t wait any longer!

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Lauren hasn’t officially “missed” her period yet. But the test promised results for 58% of women four days early, and better percentages as we got closer to the day. So, since there were three in the box, we figured we’d try one today.

The box gives all the glamourous instructions. Namely, pee on the stick, wait, find out if your entire life has changed.

We peed. Well, Lauren peed. I stood by.

We were going to wait to take the test. I mean, we planned to wait. But ZOONKS!

Two lines.

Two bright, pink, happy lines.

Two Lines!!!

We did it! We think.

False positives are very, very rare. And we didn’t pee wrong. (Again, “we” here means “Lauren.” Not that I pee wrong. Never mind.)

There’s a small chance it’s a “chemical pregnancy,” aka a very early miscarriage, according to the very useful but sometimes-scary Internet. That one fact, the fact that there’s just a tiny hazy chance that this positive isn’t a real one, and that this happy feeling is really going to come a month or two from now for “real,” is enough to keep me breathing.

Because once the doctor confirms it, I’m gonna be one crazy Dad-to-be.

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