Names you won’t have

Filed under: funny,thoughts — by Lauren on February 13th, 2006 @ 8:47 pm

Whether it’s jumping the gun or not, we’ve already been talking about names. We’re not going to tell anybody your name until your born, and we certainly haven’t decided yet, but there are many names we have mutally agreed that you won’t have. You’ll thank us later.

#1. Morgan – There’s nothing wrong with Morgan as a name, but when you look at what the whole name would be, we just can’t do it. You’ll never be in Kiss the Girls.

#2. Ivussaslayv Butnowma – Sorry Lex. I like when you’re amused, but I just can’t do it to our child.

#3. Shlomo Teltoro – Loved it in the Aetna commercial. Not a fan in real life.

#4. Charlie – The dog got there first.

There are definitely more to come.

One Response to “Names you won’t have”

  1. Jake Rubin Says:

    What about Frog Friedman? I cannot get over how frog-like your child is. Also, I cannot get over how excited I am for you both. You are two of the funniest and dorkiest people/bloggers in the whole wide world/web. You will make such great parents.