Two Lines!!!

Filed under: thoughts — by Lauren on February 13th, 2006 @ 8:29 pm

I still can’t get over it.  I went through my day today just like any day, pretty much.  Around lunch I reminded myself to eat my apple in addition to my mac’n’cheese – gotta eat healthily when you’re eating for 2!  I also thought about this whole thing again when discussing a fairly behavioral student from another classroom who may have some potential problems tomorrow due to Valentine’s Day.  She had once, in a tantrum, thrown a calculator at me and it hit me in the stomach, so when talking about tomorrow, it occurred to me I should steer clear of her.

But these were just two quick thoughts in the chaos of my day.  Most of the day was business as usual.  It wasn’t until I got this text message from Lex after school:


that it hit me.  I felt like I got slapped with a stupidly huge grin that I couldn’t shake.  I can’t believe it.  Two lines!

My stomach had been “crampy” for the last 10 days or so, which I’ve read is actually normal for some women after implantation.  Today I felt better, though that may be the euphoria kicking in.  Two lines!


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