I’m sleeping less.

Filed under: thoughts — by Lex on February 16th, 2006 @ 7:25 am

But it’s not your fault — rather, it’s for your benefit.

Well, okay, some of it’s your fault too 😉 But I don’t mind!

I’m having a little trouble falling asleep these days. When I’m lying down next to Lauren (usually with tail-wagging Charlie somewhere between us), my mind starts racing: I’m excited to know what it’s going to be like over the nine months before we get to meet you — and then the life time we get to know you! Thinking about all that makes my head spin, and falling asleep takes a little longer.

Now… I’ve also instituted a special life change to my sleep schedule. I’m getting up at 5:30. Every morning. I’ll adjust what time I go to sleep accordingly — namely, I’ll go to bed when I’m tired, but I’ll always get up at 5:30. Seven days a week. I’m sure that, early on, you’ll mess up that schedule. But I feel like this is good training for when you do arrive!

(For the moment, I’m enjoying the extra time I get in the day right now from waking up 1.5 hours earlier than I used to be.)

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