It’s nice to have told :)

Filed under: family,thoughts — by Lex on March 15th, 2006 @ 8:41 am

So, last weekend we told the parents and grandmas, as well as a few of your future aunts and uncles.

Lauren and I have been bursting with excitement for what feels like decades; getting to share the news of your impending arrival was cathartic. Of course, now we’re aching to tell everyone, but we’re going to hold off until the three month milestone before we do.

You’re future Aunt Melanie keeps IM’ing me as “Daddy Lex.” I could get used to that!

3 Responses to “It’s nice to have told :)”

  1. Mommy aka Grammy Says:

    Hmmm…I just can’t call you “Daddy” unless there’s a child of yours in my line of vision. Probably a good thing. I don’t think even red necks can be the mother of their daddy.

  2. Doda Marnie Says:

    And thank heavens for that…!
    I can’t wait to meet you, Baby Friedman.

  3. Grandma Esther Says:

    I agree that that would be awkward. As far as red necks go…there is a song and a very funny video about being your own grandpa.

    the link is:

    and the lyrics are:

    I’m My Own Grandpa
    Lyrics: Dwight Latham, Moe Jaffe
    Music: Dwight Latham, Moe Jaffe

    Played by Jerry Garcia with David Grisman

    Oh, many, many years ago
    When I was twenty-three
    I was married to a widow
    Who was pretty as can be
    This widow had a grown-up daughter
    Who had hair of red
    My father fell in love with her
    And soon the two were wed

    This made my dad my son-in-law
    And changed my very life
    For my daughter was my mother
    ‘Cause she was my father’s wife
    To complicate the matter
    Though it really brought me joy
    I soon became the father
    Of a bouncing baby boy

    This little baby then became
    A brother-in-law to Dad
    And so became my uncle
    Though it made me very sad
    For if he was my uncle
    Then that also made him brother
    Of the widow’s grown-up daughter
    WHo of course is my step-mother

    I’m my own grandpa
    I’m my own grandpa
    It sounds funny I know
    But it really is so
    Oh, I’m my own grandpa

    My father’s wife then had a son
    Who kept them on the run
    And he became my grandchild
    For he was my daughter’s son
    My wife is now my mother’s mother
    And it makes me blue
    Because although she is my wife
    She’s my grandmother too

    Now if my wife is my grandmother
    Then I’m her grandchild
    And every time I think of it
    It nearly drives me wild
    For now I have become
    The strangest case you ever saw
    As husband of my grandma
    I am my own grandpa