I know something they don’t know

Filed under: funny — by Lauren on March 16th, 2006 @ 10:19 pm

That I had not been feeling my best at work this week was apparent to both Kevin, my current supervisor, and Tracey, my supervisor from last year. Yesterday afternoon as I was walking out Kevin jokingly suggested to Tracey that I was suffering from morning sickness. I instead blamed it on (insert name of one of my more annoying students here)-itis, and we all had a good laugh. Today when I stopped by Kevin’s office to say good morning to both him and Tracey, I mentioned that I was feeling much better today, and Kevin laughed, saying “Well, then I guess you’re not pregnant.” I smiled, the conversation shifted to other more pressing issues for the day, and the subject was brought up no more.

I know something they don’t know 🙂

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