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Slowly but steadily, I am beginning to feel more human again. My appetite is starting to come back, I’m not quite as tired, and the nausea seems to be dwindling down to isolated incidents here and there (though still occurring daily).

In other fun news, Lex and I went to the mall today and had fun walking around a baby store (just to look). We also went to Motherhood Maternity, where I purchased two new bras (an absolute necessity at this point!), a pair of maternity pantyhose, a cute little tank top that was on sale, a package of anti-nausea Preggie Pop Drops (though we are currently impatiently awaiting an internet order for the lollipops), and a book for Lex.

I had such a good time at both stores. Right now it feels like I belong to this secret club – secret because aside from me and Lex, nobody who we see daily knows about you, baby. Going into the stores was fun because I could talk about being pregnant with the sales people and openly enjoy being pregnant. Also, seeing all of the clothes for “really pregnant” women and the little baby clothes and furniture sparked a lot of imagining and excitement for me and Lex. We are both so eager for October to come.

10 weeks on Monday – almost one-fourth there!

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  1. Lex Says:

    Now, technically, I selected the book for myself, but your point is well-taken 🙂