It’s nice to have told :)

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So, last weekend we told the parents and grandmas, as well as a few of your future aunts and uncles.

Lauren and I have been bursting with excitement for what feels like decades; getting to share the news of your impending arrival was cathartic. Of course, now we’re aching to tell everyone, but we’re going to hold off until the three month milestone before we do.

You’re future Aunt Melanie keeps IM’ing me as “Daddy Lex.” I could get used to that!

Guess what?

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Today’s the day we’re telling our immediate families about your existence!

In fact, this is the very post that will serve as the official announcement to Grammy and Papa Ducky that you, our little unborn baby, have been growing for just about two months!

We’re also telling Lauren’s parents today. You will be the first grandchild that the Krutzel parents will have — your cousins Lior, Liat, Adi, and Jonathan already trail-blazed that milestone with the senior Friedman parents 🙂

We’re excited to share the news of your impending arrival with the family today. Lauren and I are already incredibly eager to meet you; our happiness is overwhelming. Getting to share some of that anticipation and joy with the family will be a big release — you’ve been our very little (but huge!) secret for a long time now…

Body Wars

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**Warning** Some of the information in this post may fall into the TMI (too much information) category:

I’ve been aiming to be very optimistic during these early weeks of the pregnancy, especially when it comes to which symptoms I will and won’t have. As far as morning sickness goes, this plan has been working. I regularly feel nauseous, especially after I’ve been awake for about 40 minutes, but no throwing up! This definitely makes me happy.

On other fronts, aside from needing to pee more often than before, I had been pretty symptom free – until this week, that is. Monday marked the beginning of the eighth week, and with it came weird leg cramps, back aches, headaches, dizziness, bloating, and constipation. I’ve had all of this things one at a time intermittently since about the 4th week, but this week they all started coming to the party in pairs and trios. Sometimes they even come all at the same time. Wow, this is fun.

The newest symptom of the week is breast pain. I read about it on various websites and in several books. I perused various accounts of other women’s woes and laughed off suggestions that I begin sleeping in a sports bra. To appease Lex more than anything else, I started wearing a regular bra underneath the tanks with built-ins that I usually wear, even though I was pain free. Two days ago, I felt some minor discomfort, but nothing too problematic. Yesterday, I was a little more uncomfortable, but no worse than I usually get before my period. BUT TODAY, oh today, it feels like my breasts got into a fight in which they were punched and kicked repeatedly, after which they were run over by a car, then dropped from ten-story building, only to crawl back to me, defeated, and re-attach themselves to my chest.

Complain though I may here, for the most part, I don’t care. Let my stomach hurt, let my legs ache, let my breasts fall off. I’m having a baby. That’s all that matters.

I’m having a baby!

More on TV and the pregnant woman

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We were watching a TiVo’d episode of ER. Lauren was fast-forwarding through the commercials when she glimpsed one she had told me about previously.

“This is the commercial that makes me sad,” she said, backing it up.

“Well don’t watch it then!” I urged.

Lauren: (Sobbing) “Okay!”

We immediately shared a good laugh (good-naturedly, but at Lauren’s expense!) after the moment had passed.

Pregnancy emotions can be fun.

I saw you!

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Hiya, baby!

We saw you for the first time this week. It was our first post-pregnancy obstetrician appointment. Lauren was healthy, as were you! In fact, we even saw your heart beating!

Sonogram @ 6 Weeks

It was, and is, just amazing. But you’re very, very tiny. You must have gotten that from your mother.

In other news, Lauren and I both cried like — surprise! — babies today, while we watched an episode of the hourlong dramedy “Related” about bubbly Ginny losing her unborn child. Now we’re going to watch The 3 Stooges or something

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