You gotta have heart!

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And, indeed, our baby has a healthy one.

Listen for yourself!

It does a body good

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I have an official craving, but sorry to disappoint – no pickles and ice cream for me.  So what is this incredible food I cannot live without these days?


I pretty much stopped drinking plain milk when I was 12 and we thought I was lactose intolerant.  We later realized it was just colitis and not lactose intolerance that was the problem, but I had already grown used to not drinking milk anymore.  Now I NEED anywhere between 2 and 4 glasses a day to feel satisfied, and I usually need one first thing in the morning.

Pregnant Pause: Belly Photos!

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The journey of the baby in the belly:


March A

March B

March C

April A

April B

April 22

The cat’s out of the bag!

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Well, it seems that it has become visually obvious to others that I am “with child.”

The minute we hit the twelve week mark, Lex was on the phone announcing the information to everyone we knew AND their mothers. I think our parents did the same. I, on the other hand, called a couple of friends who don’t live in California, but since I was on Spring Break from work, I decided to wait until I got back the following week before telling anyone.

Then when work started back up this week, I didn’t know how to tell! For reasons even I don’t quite understand, I felt awkward going up to people and saying “Hey, guess what…” I actually only told Jinia (she had been a classroom aide in my room, and just came back from her own maternity leave this week). I felt that was good enough for now, and I would wait until I was a little farther along and denial was no longer plausible.

BUT…yesterday my students had music class, which is taught once a week by these two women who visit all of the different Help Group schools. I don’t talk to either of them very much, and of course I only see them about once a week. During math (which is after music), one of them came in to let me know they’d be back again the next day if I wanted to send any of my students to their class again. As she was leaving, she said, “Oh, and congratulations, by the way.” I was actually confused, and asked, “About what?” and then there was that awkward looking-at-my-stomach-did-I make-a-mistake moment until I managed to put my finger to my lips to indicate it wasn’t public knowledge yet.

As soon as my kids were at PE, I rushed to Jinia to tell her what happened and ask if it was that obvious. Her answer was an unequivocal YES. So after emailing Lex I decided I was going to have to stop being an idiot and tell the people who (whom?) I wanted to hear it directly from me.  After school ended, I grabbed Katherine first, since she was about to leave. She said her aide had asked her about it BEFORE the break!  I next hit Kristy, who then told me that just that morning Nata had asked her if I was pregnant, so on to Nata (and Pat walked in during that conversation) followed by Nell, Tracey (who asked me before I could tell him – he said I was acting weird that day so he decided I must be pregnant), and then Jeff and Emily (her via the phone). I’ll have to get Kevin today.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q: Was this, um, y’know… intentional?
A: We honestly have no idea how babies are even made. Could someone tell us?  How did this happen?

Q: Is it a boy or a girl?
A: Oh, you silly non-pregnant people. We won’t know that till at least 17 or 18 weeks, and possibly closer to 20.  We’ll tell you when we know, we promise.

Q: What’s its name?
A: In an interesting coincidence, we have decided on the name “It’s none of yo’ damn bidness.”

I kid, I kid. We have name frontrunners, but ask us again in late October, post-birth. 

Not the afterbirth.  That’s something else. 

And yes, my friends, the pregnancy was planned.

Today’s the day we tell!

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This is officially the start of trimester two.  We’re telling people today the big news — that we are three months pregnant!

 Woohoo! It’s nice not to have to keep the most exciting thing in our lives a secret any more 🙂

Let’s play Jeopardy!

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For $500, the answer is “Shelly (our building’s office manager), Rhonda (an occupational therapist at my school), Kevin (my supervisor), Tracey (one of the principals at school), and one of the parents of my students.”


The question is, “Who are people that Lauren will need to apologize to after April 10 for blatantly lying about being pregnant ?”

Sorry everyone. We really wanted to wait until we reached 12 weeks to release the news to the general public. Only 4 more days 🙂

Hello? Bleeeeeaaaaargh.

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Yesterday, Lauren decided to call her mom in the morning before she (Lauren) had even stepped into the shower.

She grabs her cell phone, presses the speed dial, and the phone starts to place the call. Lauren begins to gag violently and rushes towards the bathroom.

She continues to hold the cell phone to her ear.

She dry-heaves over the toilet bowl. Her mom answers the phone call. “Hi,” Lauren says. “Bleaaaaargh,” Lauren tells the toilet bowl with another dry heave. “Hang on,” she calls into the phone, before dry “Bleaaaaargh”ing again.

“Hang up the phone, Lauren!” I suggest.

“I’m going to bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeah you back,” she dry-heaves into the phone.

She ended up not tossing her cookies at all, continuing her vomit-free pregnancy streak. I, meanwhile, died laughing.