Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q: Was this, um, y’know… intentional?
A: We honestly have no idea how babies are even made. Could someone tell us?  How did this happen?

Q: Is it a boy or a girl?
A: Oh, you silly non-pregnant people. We won’t know that till at least 17 or 18 weeks, and possibly closer to 20.  We’ll tell you when we know, we promise.

Q: What’s its name?
A: In an interesting coincidence, we have decided on the name “It’s none of yo’ damn bidness.”

I kid, I kid. We have name frontrunners, but ask us again in late October, post-birth. 

Not the afterbirth.  That’s something else. 

And yes, my friends, the pregnancy was planned.

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  1. deuce Says:

    Sure I’d be happy to explain. See this guy goes into this talent agency…