Just for kicks

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Today on the plane ride back from New Jersey I felt a sharp kick on my right side. As I have been doing each time this happens, I grabbed Lex’s hand and put it on my stomach. Every time before, he was disappointed when he couldn’t feel anything. However, this time, his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he felt the baby deliver a good kick right into the palm of his hand.

It was awesome.

In other fun news, we had an offer we made accepted on a house in Marlboro, NJ, so it looks like Baby Friedman is going to have a place to live.  We also tried out a class that teaches a natural technique for birth called the Bradley method.  We’ll probably take the whole course starting in July.

I got a kick out of it!

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So we’re flying back from New Jersey tonight, when Lauren feels the baby kicking again. She once again asks me to rest my hand on her belly, in the hopes that I might finally feel something.

And… I DID!

TWO! Two strong, powerful, hammer-toe KICKS! That is ONE STRONG BABY!

I’ll let Lauren’s post explain more — and maybe she’ll touch on the new house we bought, but just in case, I’ll link to the photos too!

Head, shoulders, knees, and…

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When I stand up perfectly straight with my feet together and then look down, I can’t see my toes anymore.  Of course, if I lean 2 cm forward they magically reappear, but still, that’s funny.

No less

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Dear Baby,

It’s been just over two weeks since I last posted to this blog. Please, please don’t think that this posting hiatus means that I’ve forgotten about you!

In fact, Lauren and I talk and sing to you every day. Lauren likes to play a small MP3 playlist of songs she wants you to love, and then reports on any dancing that she feels in her belly. We also read you a few of your future favorite story books multiple times each week.

I try to talk to you one on one at least once a day. Often it’s about boring stuff (“what I did today,” “things on my to-do list for the evening,” “how to be a perfect person in just three days”), but the point is just that I want you to learn and grow accustomed to my voice. As smart as I’m sure you are, it’s a long shot that you understand what I’m saying these days.

But I wanted to stress one important fact: Although I can’t feel any movement or kicking yet, and even though my belly is the same size (or, perhaps, a smidgen smaller) than when we got pregnant, I still think about you constantly, and value the time I get to spend with you from the other side of Lauren’s tummy. So even though I can’t feel your feedback just yet, you’re no less real or important to me.

Still… Make sure you kick good and hard for me to feel in a few weeks, ‘kay?

In my belly

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Pregnancy makes your tummy bigger, obviously, and I am already starting to experience some of the physical effects of my belly’s increased size. I cannot bend straight down anymore; I have to do this move that involves sticking a leg out to the side in a Martha Graham-esque modern dance style, except without any of the grace. To maintain my balance, I also have started waddling a bit when I walk up the stairs, as Lex gleefully pointed out last night when we were coming home. The other thing I have noticed only occurs at work, when I have to make photocopies. Our copier is fairly large and the glass part where you put the books comes up to my chest, so I usually have to stand right up against the machine to make copies comfortably. Now I have to turn my body to the side or the pressure on my stomach bothers me. I’m only about 16 weeks pregnant now; imagine what things will be like when I’m 36 weeks along!

In other, more exciting news, I’m pretty sure I can feel the baby move now. It feels like a soft fluttering an inch or two below what used to be my belly button (it’s now more of a belly bowl). I feel it the most between 30 minutes to 2 hours after eating, though, so it could just be digestion. Mmm, speaking of eating, I’m going to go have breakfast (which will of course include a giant glass of MILK!)