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Filed under: family,thoughts — by Lex on May 15th, 2006 @ 5:56 am

Dear Baby,

It’s been just over two weeks since I last posted to this blog. Please, please don’t think that this posting hiatus means that I’ve forgotten about you!

In fact, Lauren and I talk and sing to you every day. Lauren likes to play a small MP3 playlist of songs she wants you to love, and then reports on any dancing that she feels in her belly. We also read you a few of your future favorite story books multiple times each week.

I try to talk to you one on one at least once a day. Often it’s about boring stuff (“what I did today,” “things on my to-do list for the evening,” “how to be a perfect person in just three days”), but the point is just that I want you to learn and grow accustomed to my voice. As smart as I’m sure you are, it’s a long shot that you understand what I’m saying these days.

But I wanted to stress one important fact: Although I can’t feel any movement or kicking yet, and even though my belly is the same size (or, perhaps, a smidgen smaller) than when we got pregnant, I still think about you constantly, and value the time I get to spend with you from the other side of Lauren’s tummy. So even though I can’t feel your feedback just yet, you’re no less real or important to me.

Still… Make sure you kick good and hard for me to feel in a few weeks, ‘kay?

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