Sweet and Shower

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Lauren and I are planning a dinner with a few LA couples for Sunday night. It’s our way to say goodbye to some of the folks we’ve been closest with here on the West Coast.

Coworker Brian and his girlfriend Kim weren’t able to come Sunday, so Brian suggested that I join an already-scheduled dinner he was having with our mutual pal Joe. Sure, why not? Coincidentally, since today was the second-to-last day of school, Lauren would be attending some post-school event — so my having plans too would work out well.

Brian picked me up (since Lauren and I only have one car). Lauren’s event was in Santa Monica, just a few blocks from where Joe, Brian, and I would be dining; I would be able to get a ride home with her.

Brian and I walk into the restaurant, and I immediately head to the bathroom. I have sympathy pregnancy small bladder syndrome.

I come back from the bladder, find Brian with the hostess, and she leads us toward our table. At which point, Lauren and 10 or so of our closest friends yelled out SURPRISE!

Lauren had thrown me a surprise baby shower! We had loads of fun from the start, except for me, who was reeling from shock and confusion for the first 45 minutes. But once that had dissipated (who am I kidding — it still hasn’t!), I had a great time.

This shower was in addition to a surprise shower that Lauren’s coworkers had thrown for her earlier this week.

We have a lot of baby stuff now 🙂

Gifts I received included some good stuff catered towards me, including:
* various shirts / onesies / bibs / sleepers emblazoned with some form of “Daddy’s Little Girl” or “Daddy’s Little Princess”
* An Eagles outfit (with matching booties!) for our young little female football fan
* An amazing vest that I had previously fallen in love with, that’s essentially a diaper bag you wear.

Thanks, Lauren!

So much for Freud

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The Setting:

The living room of our 2 bedroom Culver City condo, during our last two weeks in California

The Situation:

Lex and Lauren have discovered that if they watch patiently when Lauren can feel the baby kicking, they can see her tummy jump

The Scene:

Lauren:  Oh my gosh!  It happened again!

Lex: (eyes bulging) Wow.  That’s crazy.

Lauren:  I know.   I can’t believe it.

Lex:  You and I are so different.

Lauren:  What?

Lex:  You have a baby growing inside of you.  I can’t imagine what that’s like.

Lauren:  It’s incredible.  And crazy.

Lex:  I’m jealous.

Lauren:  Of what?

Lex:  I want to have a baby inside of me.

Lauren: (giggling hysterically) Must..write…post!


But seriously, isn’t he the most amazing Dad-to-be ever?  Our baby girl is so lucky to have a daddy who is so involved in her life.

Okay, okay, we’ll tell you already

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Today we had our 20th week check-up, and as you can see from baby’s smiling face, all looks good:

Baby at 20 weeks, 3 days

We also got a gender determination, which the doctor said she felt was 99% accurate, and so, without further ado, we proudly announce that…

It's a girl!

…it’s (most likely) a girl!

Congratulations, it’s a…

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That’s what the doctor who delivered SNL’s “Pat” said when Pat was born.

We, however, know our baby’s gender already 🙂

Sooooooooo big!

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We haven’t updated recently, but we have good excuses. Namely, packing so that we can move the new home we bought for Baby! And for us too. But mostly Baby.

The baby is kicking up a storm these days, which is a lot of fun. Lauren’s tummy has really come into its own over the past week or so — we’ll try to post photos later this week 🙂