26 weeks, and still going strong

Filed under: funny,news — by Lauren on July 17th, 2006 @ 1:00 pm

We have been silent for a several weeks, but so much has happened! Among other things (including me getting a job), we’ve been extremely busy preparing to move into our new house and then actually moving into our new house. It looks beautiful – especially one of the bedrooms which has been newly painted yellow and a green for a certain somebody I know who will be arriving in October.

Speaking of that certain somebody, she keeps getting bigger, as evidenced from my giant belly (pictures will come soon, we promise). We went to a wedding yesterday, and several people expressed surprise that I wasn’t due for three more months. The sister of the bride is due in six weeks, and I don’t look that far behind her. However, I’ve gained 20 pounds, which is right in the middle of what I should have gained by this point, and it is ALL in the front. From behind, you can’t tell I’m pregnant. Many people feel this indicates that I must be having a boy. Strangers in public places express shock when I tell them I am having a girl – a security guard at the airport (when we flew to NJ) actually got into an argument with me about it! Well, serves me right, I suppose – I should have known that her x-ray vision was more accurate than the two separate ultrasounds I had. I have now learned to smile and nod in these situations, as I did last week with a random lady in Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Baby Girl Friedman is also quite the little acrobat. She kicks, punches, stretches, jumps, and rolls her limbs. She’ll go through several days when it feels like she moves constantly, and then she scares me my taking a day off to rest. You can both feel and see her move – it often looks like a scene from one of the Alien movies. It’s very weird when something that is identifiable as a limb starts pushing out my stomach, or when you can see my belly roll and twitch. I love it, though. I can sit and watch her all day. She responds to music and singing, and she even jumped the other day when an ambulance honked its horn loudly as it drove by my car (I jumped, too!).

According to our due date, we just completed our 26th week of pregnancy. 14 weeks to go!

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