This is NOT a complaint

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Let me just say that I am happy to take on every less-than-pleasant pregnancy symptom in the book if it means that I am having a normal pregnancy and my baby girl is healthy. However, in an effort to accurately portray my experience, I want to be sure that I am sharing both the good and the bad.

There have certainly been ups and downs in terms of symptoms, though overall I think things have been pretty easy for me. I just went back and re-read my posts from the first trimester, and it really hasn’t been that tough. Now that we’re at 31 weeks – more than 75% of the way there! – I have compiled a list of my three least favorite pregnancy symptoms (and morning sickness is not on it):

1. Nosebleeds – I used to be an occasional nose blower. Now I am a three-tissues-at-a-time, three thousand times a day dripper, and each instance is accompanied by a delightful bout of bright red blood which thankfully seems to come from irritation in my nostrils, as opposed to that full-force gush type of nosebleed. I’ve tried Vaseline, saline nasal sprays, and steamy showers, but nothing seems to help. Our trash cans are overflowing with tissues that make it look like we’ve murdered hundreds of very tiny people and then tried to throw the evidence away. We’ve learned we have to keep the trash cans high up or Charlie has a field day distributing remnants of the bloody tissues all over the floor. Yum.

2. Back Pain – Again, I have to acknowledge that the pain I get in my back is certainly not as bad as it could potentially be, and for that I am very thankful. Right now the problem is that there is no chair in the world that I can sit in for more than 5 minutes without causing some level of discomfort, and once it starts, I can’t escape it. It’s like having a mosquito bite that you can reach, and even when you do, it only makes it worse. I must look really silly when I try to sit at a meeting at work or when Lex and I watch TV, because all I do is squirm around in my chair trying to stay comfortable. I try to change positions or stand up frequently, but it doesn’t help too much.

3. Baby Hiccups – Of the three on the list, this is the one I really don’t mean as a complaint, because it is a sign that the baby is very healthy, but it does feel quite annoying. She gets the hiccups several times a day. At first I thought I was somehow feeling my pulse in odd places, but it’s much slower than my heartbeat, and now that the baby has turned head down, I really only feel it in my pelvis. Imagine someone is poking you over and over again in the arm, and no matter how you move you can’t get them to stop. Pretty irritating, right? Now picture that same sensation, only instead of on your arm, it’s happening on your often very full bladder. Fun, fun, fun.

I have other pregnancy symptoms too, including difficulty sleeping, frequent use of the bathroom, and leaky boobs (that’s a new one!). I’m certainly moving slower when I walk and I often need a little assistance to get up off the floor.


I really don’t care. I’m so happy about being pregnant, and I am impatiently waiting for October to come.  I love you, Baby Girl!

Oh Baby, Where Art Thou?

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Right here!

It’s STILL a girl!

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And what a beautiful baby girl she is:
Beautiful Baby Girl Beautiful Baby Girl 2 Beautiful Baby Girl 3 Beautiful Baby Girl 4
We had an awesome 3D/4D ultrasound today (29 weeks, 5 days), with both sets of our parents and my grandma Evie there to watch. Just when I thought it was impossible to love someone I’ve never met as much as I love this baby already, her gorgeous face upped the ante by about a gazillion. I am so excited for October to come.