A little scare

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We had an “eventful” night last night. Since Thursday morning, the baby had not been moving as much or as strongly as she had been previously, though she was still moving. After work on Friday, I called the doctor’s office just to ask if that was okay or if I needed to be seen, and they decided to send me over to CentraState to have a non-stress test. I think the name of the test is misleading – I was definitely not relaxed about this whole thing!

Thankfully, the test showed that the baby was fine – her heartbeat was strong and regular, and of course she started moving like crazy the second they hooked me up to the monitor. However, the test also showed that I was having regular contractions every few minutes. I couldn’t feel them at all, but the doctor on call from our practice, Dr. Dimino, was less than thrilled about them anyway. He checked to make sure I wasn’t dilating at all (in what had to be the MOST painful internal exam I have ever had) and I wasn’t, so that was good, at least, but the contractions kept coming. His first plan of attack was to have me drink a lot of water and see if that changed anything, but it didn’t. He was on the fence about whether I needed to stay for continued observation, but instead he decided to give me a shot of something called Brethine to try to stop the contractions. Brethine is a medication that falls into the same group as adreneline, but it relaxes smooth muscles like those found in the uterus. The injection burned, as the extremely pleasant nurse warned me it would, and I felt very jittery after it took effect. It finally stopped the contractions, and after about 3 1/2 hours total of being there they let me and Lex go home. I already had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Dimino on Monday anyway for a check-up, which works out well since before releasing us, he said he wanted me to come in on Monday – and that I should remind him he wants to do another internal exam while I’m there. Fun. Hopefully I’ll have stopped bleeding from the first one by then.

We’re glad everything turned out okay, of course – Lex and I had a great moment of sheer panic when we were sure that we would not be leaving the hospital without a baby in our arms and what were we going to do about the fact that we hadn’t even set up the bassinet yet?!? Ironically, we are going back to the hospital in about 2 hours from now, since we had our tour of the maternity ward scheduled today, but at least we know where to park now 🙂 We also learned a very valuable lesson while there – it is REALLY cold in the hospital, so for goodness sake, bring a sweater!

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