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On Wednesday, Lex and I met with a potential pediatrician for a newborn consult – basically, an interview to see if you like the pediatrician.  This group practice came highly recommended to us from a source we trust – me!  I had been a patient there from the time I was 7 or 8 until my parents’ insurance company told us I had to go see a “big girl” doctor. 

When we arrived, the office staff asked us if we would mind waiting for a little while, since the doctor had just gotten called to deal with an emergency.  We did not mind, and they gave us a new parents booklet which answered 90% of the questions we had been prepared to ask.  We also enjoyed playing the free video games in the waiting room. 

Eventually, we got to meet with Dr. Wolfe, who talked to us for a long time about everything we might expect from the second the baby is born until she’s in college. Both Lex and I felt very pleased with the practice.  I was especially impressed that in our conversation, the subject of nursing while on Asacol (the medication I take for my ulcerative colitis) came up and after checking two sources he had on hand, Dr. Wolfe took down our number and the name of the medication to look into it further.  Then he actually called us back THE NEXT DAY!  That’s pretty good service, in my opinion. 

So, my baby girl, the people who will be responsible for ensuring your health and sticking you with lots of sharp things (don’t worry, they’ll give you a lollipop afterwards) will be Allergy and Pediatric Associates of Freehold, NJ.

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  1. Kara Says:

    Hi, I stumbled across your blog, and I just had to comment… I take my daughter to Dr. Wolfe as well, but to the Lakewood office (I live in Howell). He is GREAT!!!! Once my daughter had a 105 fever, and he called me 2 days in a row to ask me how she was doing. I didn’t need to call him at all! Very impressive.
    Enjoy your daughter!