Hurry Up and Weight

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Our last ultrasound was two weeks ago. You weighed about 7.5lbs, according to the ultrasound. We scheduled another ultrasound for today, knowing that if you hadn’t yet been born and continued gaining weight, that you’d be pretty big by now.

And so, we went in for an ultrasound this morning. They measured you again. And again, you weighed about 7.5lbs.

No one was expecting that! We would have expected you to keep gaining weight, and since you didn’t, the doctor was intrigued/concerned enough that he sent us out for another ultrasound with a perinatologist. There, the ultrasounds indicated that you actually weigh about 9.5lbs.

That’s mighty big!

Now, we have an appointment back with the first doctor in just two hours. We don’t know what’ll happen: Will the doctor want to schedule an induction? Will he want to schedule a C-section? Our plan/desire, of course, has always been to deliver you as naturally as possible, but it may be that because you’re so big and strong, we have to adjust that plan. We intend to make our decisions based on whatever’s safest for you and your mom, and we’ll do whatever’s necessary to ensure the two of you get whatever you need to achieve that goal 🙂

See you soon?

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