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Our doctor says that you’re big, but healthy. He hopes you’re not as big as the specialists think, and bigger than his own measurements indicate. And he believes that Lauren/Mom could deliver you normally without jeopardizing her health — or yours… If it happens in the next few days.

So we’re letting nature take its course for the next several days. Lauren’s already one centimeter dilated, and that’s promising. If she goes into labor soon, then all signs are we’ll have a natural delivery. But if Monday comes and you’re still in hiding (and who could blame you? Must be comfortable!), then we’ll need to talk about a C-section. (Induction isn’t really on the table; our doctor trusts recent studies that say induction in cases of bigger babies leads to more emergency C-sections than “waiting.”)

We can’t wait to meet you, Baby. As long as you’re healthy, we’ll take whatever circumstances your grand entrance involves.

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