What’s in a name/Like mother, like daughter

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Yesterday we had Anya’s Simchat Bat, which is a Hebrew baby naming ceremony for girls. We had about 25 guests – almost exclusively family – come to our house, and our friend Eli, who is a rabbinical student, officiated the ceremony. Lex and I discussed the meanings of her English name (Anya Haley means “Gracious Hero”) and her Hebrew name, which is Chana Sari (Gracious Princess). Her grandmothers and great-grandmothers read prayers, and her grandfathers spoke briefly about her namesakes (my dad’s father and Lex’s dad’s mother). Lex performed the song he wrote for Anya before she was born, and then we all ate lots of bagels. See photos from the event.

Also, last night my little baby girl was, well, fussy. She was not interested in going to sleep, so at 10 pm, when her mommy and daddy were eager to fall asleep themselves, we all bundled up and hopped into the car to take four trips around the block until Anya finally fell asleep. Through my sleepy-eyed haze, I was aware of the irony of this trip, given that my own parents often needed to resort to car rides to get their screaming daughter to settle down. What goes around, comes around, I suppose 😛

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  1. Eve Says:

    I was the same way as a baby, my parents would drive me around till I fell asleep (still works, which is why I hate driving long distances b/c all I want to do is take a nap). But one day my mom got smart — she started putting my carseat on top of the washing machine!! More motion than just a swing (or those vibrating bouncy seats), it worked and I would nap without her having to lug me to the car and back. Plus that is major multi-tasking! 😀