Losing my mind

Filed under: family,funny — by Lauren on November 7th, 2006 @ 10:48 am

Sleep deprivation clearly messes with my sanity. I have been very diligent about writing thank you cards for gifts we receive for Anya as soon as possible. We had gotten an adorable outfit from one of my dad’s cousins and her daughter. I realized yesterday that I could not remember whether I had written their thank you card. I had vague recollections of setting aside the card that came with the gift so that I would remember to do it, but after that, no clear memories of it. The haziness and confusion is understandable, given that I’m a new mom, right?

It gets worse.

I emailed my dad to get this cousin’s email address so I could let her know that we received the gift and that I wasn’t sure if I had sent the card or not. I wrote my email, sent if off, and was very pleased with myself – until about 30 seconds after I sent it when it occurred to me that I might have sent it this cousin’s sister. I called my dad, who was on the bus on the way to work, and confirmed that yes, I had indeed mixed up names. Oops. I subsequently sent a humorous email to the incorrect sister and will email the correct sister when my dad sends me her email address.

If you’ve seen my marbles, please return them to me. My dad thinks they must be in the bottom drawer of the dresser, but I’ve checked and they’re not there.

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