Anya’s playdate

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Anya had her first successful playdate with her friend Sami today! The other two times Sami slept through the get together, but this time Sami was awake and ready to play. The two girls had a fun time looking at each other and smiling, which is about the most “play” they can muster up at 2 months old.

Sami is actually 1 day older than Anya, but Sami is a regular-sized baby as compared to super-sized Anya. You can’t really see it in this picture unless you look at their hands:

Anya and Sami's playdate

Aren’t they both adorable? 🙂

Crib notes

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For the first time since being born, Anya took a nap in her crib today. As a bonus, she even soothed herself to sleep by sucking her fingers!

Anya sleeps in her crib!

Of course, this nap only lasted about 15 minutes, but still, yay for the crib!

All thumbs

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Anya’s becoming a pro at thumb sucking – check it out:

Anya thumb sucking

We’re going to start giving her opportunities to sleep with one arm out when swaddled and see if it works for her.

Hannukah ’06 Pictures

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Cute blue dress, huh?

Click on the picture to see more. There are also new pictures in the December 2006 album.

Food for thought!

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Lauren and I experienced a new first with our delightful two-month-old earlier this week. On Monday, we subjected Anya to those aforementioned immunizations, but later that day we engaged in a more enjoyable family first.

We went out, in public, with our baby! And not to a doctor’s office! Rather, the three of us went out to a dinner together. Anya, always good dinner company, spent most of dinner asleep — which, of course, is precisely what we’d want in that situation!

Most of the other restaurant customers didn’t even notice we had a baby… At least not right up until the end of our meal when she started to wake up and became just a tiny bit fussy. Still, her cries were quiet, sweet, and uninvasive, and no one seemed to mind.

For Lauren especially, this ability to take Anya out is a welcome change; Mommy and Daughter are less chained to the home during the day while Daddy works: They can go out together, too!

This post was written from Los Angeles.

Big girls don’t cry

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…except when they get four shots and an oral vaccine. Anya had her 2 months check-up at the pediatrician today, and the doctor said she is in perfect health. She gained about 2 lbs in the last month, bringing her weight up to 12 lbs, 7 oz, and she finally grew in length – she’s now 23 inches long. She’s in the 90th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height. She’s still a BIG girl.

In fact, she’s so big that at 6 weeks old I had to start putting away all of her newborn outfits and some of her 0-3 month clothes. Now, at 8 weeks, she’s nearly grown out of size 1 diapers and she’s already able to wear some of her 3-6 month clothes. I’ve had to put away a lot of her 0-3 month clothes. She’s only able to gain 2 1/2 more lbs before she’ll be too big for the bassinet, so at her current rate she’ll outgrow it by 3 1/2 months old.

She may be getting bigger, but at least I’m getting smaller. When I started putting away her clothes at 6 weeks, I also put away all of my maternity clothes! I can fit into most of my pants and skirts (the main exception being the majority of my jeans) and many of my winter tops fit, since they were a little bulkier to begin with. I may have a problem in the spring, since I wore XS shirts before I got pregnant and due to nursing, I’m significantly bigger on top now. Still, 6 weeks is a pretty good turnaround.

8 weeks old today!

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Isn’t that crazy? Anya’s been here for 8 weeks already! It’s hard to believe, because it both feels like she was just born minutes ago AND like she’s always been here. Like I said, crazy!

Anya’s really got this whole smiling thing down now. She started with an occasional smile here and there at around 5 weeks old, but now she’ll give a big gummy grin when she first wakes up or if you do something she finds amusing. It makes her whole face light up!
She’s still working on using her hands to do her bidding. She’s much better at getting them into her mouth – especially that thumb – but she still needs work in this area. When she can’t make it work, she shakes her head frantically back and forth with her mouth wide open trying to get them in, but when she succeeds, the look of bliss that comes over her face is awe inspiring. Yesterday, she also tried to bat at the toys that hang over her infant rocker, which was pretty awesome to see.

After many failed attempts at finding a pacifier for Anya to use (especially at night, when her hands are unavailable due to being swaddled), we finally found one she can keep in her mouth – the Gerber soft center silicone newborn pacifier:

Best pacifier for Anya

We went through 5 other kinds of pacifiers before we found this one, but thank goodness we did – it’s really helped her when she’s finished nursing at night but still needs to suck to feel soothed.

Speaking of soothing, Lex and I are going deaf from all of the white (or pink, rather) noise we play, often at top volume, to help keep Anya calm when she gets fussy. We owe most of our quiet evenings (when Anya gets cranky because she’s tired) to Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block (which should be retitled “The Happiest Parents on the Block”). The book describes the five S’s, which really seem like a magic trick when it comes to calming a crying baby. Anya really thrives on the shushing “S,” and to keep ourselves from hyperventilating, Lex and I use recorded white noise on our computers, radios tuned to static, or even our baby monitor’s receiver turned on while the transmitter is off. It really works wonders, and I suppose I could live with ears that permanently buzz…it’s a small price to pay for a calm baby.  Thank you to Elissa (one of my dad’s law partners) who passed the book on to us, and to our friend Lisa, who was the first person to mention the five S’s to us – I probably wouldn’t have read the book if she hadn’t.

A big, unexpected change

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As of this morning, I am no longer an employed teacher. I am now a stay at home mom. A homemaker. A housewife.

I’m really putting that Masters degree to good use.

All sarcasm aside, Lex was offered a fantastic position with Demand Media which comes with both a significant pay raise (yay!) and less flexible hours (boo!). Among other things, Lex is going to be developing comedy content for some new websites – something he was born to do – but with the demands of this new job, he is not going to be able to watch Anya Haley during the day as we had planned. We discussed our options and felt that since we don’t want to put her in outside daycare at this time (she’s too young), we didn’t think it made financial sense for me to go back to work full-time.  Nannies are very expensive, and the majority of my net pay would have gone to paying one.

I am going to look for some part-time work, just so that I have something to do for myself.  I’m also looking at activities I can do with Anya, since I don’t want to spend all day in the house with her every day.  That said, it’s kind of exciting to know I’m not going to miss any of the big things that she will accomplish in her first year.  I was here for her first coos and smiles, and now I won’t miss the crawling, talking, and all of the other big milestones.  Plus, Anya and I will get to go with Lex to California on one of his trips so she can meet our friends from LA!

Hi Daddy! #3

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Even though the weather outside was not so nice, Anya and I enjoyed the time we spend this morning with Great-Grandma Shirley at our house. Later we went to Grandma Esther and Grandpa Marty’s house to spend the night, since there was the possibility of a pretty awful storm hitting the area. At first we were camera shy:


But then during a diaper change Anya was more open to having her picture taken:

diaper change

She later had some tummy time, and did a great job lifting her head:

Look at that head lifting!

And then practiced using her paci without letting it fall out of her mouth:


But not for too long before falling asleep:

sleepy baby

Right now she’s have a pretty tough time settling down for the night, which means her mommy is not able to go to sleep yet. Hopefully she will sleep soon, since I am VERY TIRED. Daddy, we miss you!