Hi Daddy! #3

Filed under: baby's progress,family — by Lauren on December 1st, 2006 @ 10:12 pm

Even though the weather outside was not so nice, Anya and I enjoyed the time we spend this morning with Great-Grandma Shirley at our house. Later we went to Grandma Esther and Grandpa Marty’s house to spend the night, since there was the possibility of a pretty awful storm hitting the area. At first we were camera shy:


But then during a diaper change Anya was more open to having her picture taken:

diaper change

She later had some tummy time, and did a great job lifting her head:

Look at that head lifting!

And then practiced using her paci without letting it fall out of her mouth:


But not for too long before falling asleep:

sleepy baby

Right now she’s have a pretty tough time settling down for the night, which means her mommy is not able to go to sleep yet. Hopefully she will sleep soon, since I am VERY TIRED. Daddy, we miss you!

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