A big, unexpected change

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As of this morning, I am no longer an employed teacher. I am now a stay at home mom. A homemaker. A housewife.

I’m really putting that Masters degree to good use.

All sarcasm aside, Lex was offered a fantastic position with Demand Media which comes with both a significant pay raise (yay!) and less flexible hours (boo!). Among other things, Lex is going to be developing comedy content for some new websites – something he was born to do – but with the demands of this new job, he is not going to be able to watch Anya Haley during the day as we had planned. We discussed our options and felt that since we don’t want to put her in outside daycare at this time (she’s too young), we didn’t think it made financial sense for me to go back to work full-time.  Nannies are very expensive, and the majority of my net pay would have gone to paying one.

I am going to look for some part-time work, just so that I have something to do for myself.  I’m also looking at activities I can do with Anya, since I don’t want to spend all day in the house with her every day.  That said, it’s kind of exciting to know I’m not going to miss any of the big things that she will accomplish in her first year.  I was here for her first coos and smiles, and now I won’t miss the crawling, talking, and all of the other big milestones.  Plus, Anya and I will get to go with Lex to California on one of his trips so she can meet our friends from LA!

3 Responses to “A big, unexpected change”

  1. gafna Says:

    Dear Lauren,
    my name is Gafna and I am a friend of Michelle Shain (that´s how found your blog). It was very interesting for me to read about your decision to stay at home with Anya and not go back to work. I come from the Czech Republic. I thought it might be interesting for you to see what it takes for a mother in my country when she stays at home with her child:-)Our social welfare system allows mothers to stay at home with their babies up to 4 years under following conditions:
    – the mother gets a monthly pay from the stay while she is at home (aprox. one third of the avarage pay in the country – that´s not much but still – not bad)
    – the mother´s employer has to allow the woman to come back to her original work and he/she has to keep her original possition for her for up to 3 years of her maternity leave
    – during the maternity leave the mother can choose to work – in case her income does not exceed a certain limit (which is very low, though) she does not lose her right to get the social benefit for mothers for her child
    – if the parents decide that the father will stay at home with the child (rather than the mother), he can enjoy the same benefits.

    I am not writing thist to show off:-) I just think of American women (and women from many other states) when young mothers in my country complain that they do not receive enough money while they are at home with the kid and say the state does not support young families with kids enough. They should read what decisions you had to go through…

    Belated mazal tov from Prague for the birth of your daughter.


  2. beth Says:

    I’m glad this means I get to see you sooner than expected- which was some unforeseeable time in the future, but now it’s much closer than “who knows when”. and then mark can meet anya too!

  3. Ellie Says:

    holy crap lauren, you had a BABY???? that’s wonderful and she’s adorable! i found this blog through, of all places, myspace– wasting time looking for 2002 ‘deis grads, found lex’s page, found the link to this one.

    ah, the internets.

    glad to see you’re doing well! and a BABY!!! wow. congratulations.

    take care!