8 weeks old today!

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Isn’t that crazy? Anya’s been here for 8 weeks already! It’s hard to believe, because it both feels like she was just born minutes ago AND like she’s always been here. Like I said, crazy!

Anya’s really got this whole smiling thing down now. She started with an occasional smile here and there at around 5 weeks old, but now she’ll give a big gummy grin when she first wakes up or if you do something she finds amusing. It makes her whole face light up!
She’s still working on using her hands to do her bidding. She’s much better at getting them into her mouth – especially that thumb – but she still needs work in this area. When she can’t make it work, she shakes her head frantically back and forth with her mouth wide open trying to get them in, but when she succeeds, the look of bliss that comes over her face is awe inspiring. Yesterday, she also tried to bat at the toys that hang over her infant rocker, which was pretty awesome to see.

After many failed attempts at finding a pacifier for Anya to use (especially at night, when her hands are unavailable due to being swaddled), we finally found one she can keep in her mouth – the Gerber soft center silicone newborn pacifier:

Best pacifier for Anya

We went through 5 other kinds of pacifiers before we found this one, but thank goodness we did – it’s really helped her when she’s finished nursing at night but still needs to suck to feel soothed.

Speaking of soothing, Lex and I are going deaf from all of the white (or pink, rather) noise we play, often at top volume, to help keep Anya calm when she gets fussy. We owe most of our quiet evenings (when Anya gets cranky because she’s tired) to Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block (which should be retitled “The Happiest Parents on the Block”). The book describes the five S’s, which really seem like a magic trick when it comes to calming a crying baby. Anya really thrives on the shushing “S,” and to keep ourselves from hyperventilating, Lex and I use recorded white noise on our computers, radios tuned to static, or even our baby monitor’s receiver turned on while the transmitter is off. It really works wonders, and I suppose I could live with ears that permanently buzz…it’s a small price to pay for a calm baby.  Thank you to Elissa (one of my dad’s law partners) who passed the book on to us, and to our friend Lisa, who was the first person to mention the five S’s to us – I probably wouldn’t have read the book if she hadn’t.

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