Food for thought!

Filed under: baby's progress,doctor,family — by Lex on December 20th, 2006 @ 11:39 am

Lauren and I experienced a new first with our delightful two-month-old earlier this week. On Monday, we subjected Anya to those aforementioned immunizations, but later that day we engaged in a more enjoyable family first.

We went out, in public, with our baby! And not to a doctor’s office! Rather, the three of us went out to a dinner together. Anya, always good dinner company, spent most of dinner asleep — which, of course, is precisely what we’d want in that situation!

Most of the other restaurant customers didn’t even notice we had a baby… At least not right up until the end of our meal when she started to wake up and became just a tiny bit fussy. Still, her cries were quiet, sweet, and uninvasive, and no one seemed to mind.

For Lauren especially, this ability to take Anya out is a welcome change; Mommy and Daughter are less chained to the home during the day while Daddy works: They can go out together, too!

This post was written from Los Angeles.

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