3 Months Update

Filed under: baby's progress,doctor,photos — by Lauren on January 22nd, 2007 @ 1:09 pm

Anya turned 3 months old this past Friday, and she had her 3 months check up this morning. She’s weighing in at 14 lbs, 7 oz, and she grew another inch, bringing her up to 24 inches. The doctor said she’s healthy and beautiful, the latter of which we knew, of course!

In addition to getting bigger, turning 3 months old has brought on other… interesting developments. While we’re not about to get her a prescription for Rogaine just yet, she’s definitely losing some of her hair. Who knows – maybe I’ll end up with a blonde baby after all! Anya has also learned a new “trick” that she shows off most frequently at night in her brand new Co-Sleeper. Even though she’s fully swaddled, she can scoot herself around so that although I put her down to sleep parallel to the bed, when I wake up she’s perpendicular. This morning she actually woke up crying because her head was pushed up against the side of the bassinet and she was stuck. I was reminded of that scene from Austin Powers, the one where he tries to do a 3 point turn in the little hallway. It’s exciting that Anya is learning to be mobile (she’s also trying to roll over but isn’t quite ready yet), but this means that I can’t put her down on the floor and be certain that she’ll be where I left her if I run to get something from the kitchen anymore. Other fun changes include much improved tummy time skills, huge amounts of cooing and babbling, enormous smiles (the biggest of which are always reserved for her daddy), and even laughter, though we can’t get her to do that consistently yet. She’s pretty awesome; I think we’ll keep her.

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Up For Grabs

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Anya Haley has started reaching out for toys in her field of vision.

This is tremendously exciting. You have to be a parent to appreciate that, I think.

(Note to all parents reading this: I hear your “Duh,” no need to say it!)

Anya Playing with Daddy

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It’s not intentional quite yet, but our little Ani is getting pretty good at knocking down blocks.

This, too, shall pass

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Anya finally used up the last of her size 1 diapers this past week and has now graduated to size 2 (at 11 weeks old!). I realize this is becoming a common theme of this blog, but she remains a BIG baby.

Speaking of moving on to new things, every day Anya amazes me by learning new skills and becoming more of a “person.” Her head control continues to improve (quite a feat, given the size of her head!) and she’s become SO interactive, especially when it comes to smiling.

Fortunately, some of the more trying aspects of parenthood are improving as well. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, but I think that new parents – at least me and Lex – find themselves assuming that the difficult parts of taking care of new babies will just always be that way. From the moment Anya was born, she screamed when we changed her diaper. She wailed during baths. Gas made her cry bloody murder. I remember a time during her first few weeks when Lex’s parents were staying with us and during a nighttime diaper change his mom knocked on the door to see if everything was okay, since Anya was voicing her displeasure rather loudly. We responded that we were fine, it was just a diaper change, figuring that’s how diaper changes were going to be. I’m happy to report that it’s been quite some time since gas made Anya notably upset, and she positively enjoys both baths and diaper changes now, but I didn’t realize that I had been going through these phases with the mindset that they would never end until very recently. We had gotten together with our friends Shiri and Dave and their baby Izzy for lunch, and then they came back to our house. Around 5:30, Anya began to fuss and cry, as she has been doing habitually – it is her “witching hour.” Shiri commented that babies ultimately get over this, and I was surprised to find that her comment surprised me. I had just assumed subconsiouly that Anya would always have a tough time in the early evening before she settled down to go to bed. Did I picture her at 30 pulling a Jekyll/Hyde at work? No. I just hadn’t put together that as she matured some things that were difficult previously were becoming so much easier. It’s nice to know that although new challenges will arise, the old ones can be overcome.