Anya Playing with Daddy

Filed under: baby's progress — by Lex on January 13th, 2007 @ 10:31 pm

It’s not intentional quite yet, but our little Ani is getting pretty good at knocking down blocks.

5 Responses to “Anya Playing with Daddy”

  1. Mommy aka Grammy Says:

    I’m not sure if I want to say “Way to go, Anya.”
    “Anya is so blase and Daddy is so excited. That’s the typical child-parent relationship.”

    I did enjoy the video.

  2. Papa Ducky Says:

    My granddaughter can topple a stack of blocks better than anybody elses’ can! And she looks so cute while she’s doing it. I’m glad her daddy finally figured out where the optimal block placement was: her arms are only so long :-}

  3. Grand Uncle Martin Says:

    Contact me again when Anya is doing push-ups.

  4. Aunt Barbara Says:

    Think there’s a role reversal here…

  5. Lior Says:

    I like the movie. I want to hold Anya at pasach. Maybe Yoni and Anya will be freinds.
    Bye Bye!