3 Months Update

Filed under: baby's progress,doctor,photos — by Lauren on January 22nd, 2007 @ 1:09 pm

Anya turned 3 months old this past Friday, and she had her 3 months check up this morning. She’s weighing in at 14 lbs, 7 oz, and she grew another inch, bringing her up to 24 inches. The doctor said she’s healthy and beautiful, the latter of which we knew, of course!

In addition to getting bigger, turning 3 months old has brought on other… interesting developments. While we’re not about to get her a prescription for Rogaine just yet, she’s definitely losing some of her hair. Who knows – maybe I’ll end up with a blonde baby after all! Anya has also learned a new “trick” that she shows off most frequently at night in her brand new Co-Sleeper. Even though she’s fully swaddled, she can scoot herself around so that although I put her down to sleep parallel to the bed, when I wake up she’s perpendicular. This morning she actually woke up crying because her head was pushed up against the side of the bassinet and she was stuck. I was reminded of that scene from Austin Powers, the one where he tries to do a 3 point turn in the little hallway. It’s exciting that Anya is learning to be mobile (she’s also trying to roll over but isn’t quite ready yet), but this means that I can’t put her down on the floor and be certain that she’ll be where I left her if I run to get something from the kitchen anymore. Other fun changes include much improved tummy time skills, huge amounts of cooing and babbling, enormous smiles (the biggest of which are always reserved for her daddy), and even laughter, though we can’t get her to do that consistently yet. She’s pretty awesome; I think we’ll keep her.

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2 Responses to “3 Months Update”

  1. Mommy aka Grammy Says:

    Drat, I guess that means I need not look for her on the Craig’s List section “Free to good home !”

  2. Papa Ducky Says:

    I could just eat her up. She is soooooo cute! She also told me she wants her Mommy and Daddy to get hr a pony.