Contact sports with Anya

Filed under: baby's progress,funny — by Lauren on March 2nd, 2007 @ 10:39 pm

Can you believe the video of my beautiful Anya rolling over? She’s getting so big and strong! Actually, she’s technically been pretty big and strong since her womb days; she’s just learning new ways to channel it…

Diaper changes, for example, have become a real challenge in the last few weeks. Anya is really proud of her ability to be a “squirmy wormy,” as we affectionately call it, and she loves to showcase it most when her mom and dad want nothing more than to get her cleaned and covered up as fast as possible. With me in particular, she has a real penchant for twisting her bottom every which way when I am trying to put on the diaper rash cream – I call this the Desitin dance. My hands are pretty small, so to make matters worse, she often manages to wiggle one or both of her feet out of my grasp while I’m trying to hold them. She smiles and coos during this whole process, of course. With Lex, she likes to grab at his hands and pull her legs up to her chest. We both have had to find various ways of holding her down to complete the diapering without having a poop or pee fiasco.

Speaking of holding her down, putting Anya to bed has become a wrestling match since we stopped fully swaddling her. She’s now being swaddled with one arm out, and though this has thankfully made a big difference in how long she will stay asleep (as compared to when we tried to quit swaddling her cold turkey), she still has a hard time contending with that free arm. I give her the pacifier, she promptly brings her hand up to her mouth and inadvertently knocks it out, cries because she doesn’t have it any more, and then we start over. Most of the time, I end up having to pin her arm down next to her until she calms enough to fall asleep, and then the arm relaxes. I realize I’m basically swaddling her with my hand instead of the blanket, but once she falls asleep she’s not startling herself awake as much anymore, so there’s definitely been an improvement.

Nursing is no cake walk anymore, either. Since she learned how to get those hands in her mouth, she’s adopted an attitude of “the more [in my mouth], the merrier.” I spend much of our sessions prying one or both of her hands out of her mouth while she is latched onto my breast. As with diaper changes and bedtime, I often find it necessary to pin her arms down, at least temporarily, or we both get very messy. She also has become very distractable when nursing and will crane her head around in every direction to check out what’s going on in the room. This is all well and good, except when she’s clamped onto my nipple and doesn’t let go as she tries to see what’s going on behind her. Since I’m not Gumby, I would prefer very much that she not do this. I’m rather attached to my nipples and feel it’s better if they stay attached to me.

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