Songs for Children, Lexified

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We listen to a lot of kiddie music. Lauren has her iTunes rocking out the songs much of the day while she’s home with Anya, and my office isn’t too far away, so I hear a lot of the songs all day, too. And of course we play music when I’m done working, when we’re in the car, etc…

Some of the songs that we hear, however, strike me as strange — or even downright evil. I will, in a recurring series on this blog, share an insight into these songs — and into how my brain works — by sharing some of the “missing lyrics” my mind fills in while we listen to some of them:

“Willoughby Wallaby,” by Raffi:

Willoughby wallaby wee, an elephant sat on me
Willoughby wallaby woo, an elephant sat on you
Willoughby wallaby Wustin, an elephant sat on Justin
Willoughby wallaby Wania, an elephant sat on Tania
Willoughby wallaby Wen, an elephant sat on Ken

The Lexified additional lyrics:

Willoughby wallaby Wooneral,
It was a very sad funeral

I’m a lyrical genius.

2 Responses to “Songs for Children, Lexified”

  1. Keren Says:

    that’s so sad, no funeral…just a lot of squished people.

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