Nervous Daddy Update

Filed under: doctor,news,thoughts — by Lex on March 27th, 2007 @ 9:52 pm

Anya takes a trip to the hospital tomorrow morning. She will be getting her tongue clipped, which will be a fairly painless procedure, and should help her avoid tongue-induced social awkwardness (“Why can’t you eat an ice cream cone?”) and speech impediments down the line.

It’s a 30-second procedure, but it’s still surgery. She will be put in a little baby hospital gown, and she will be put under anesthesia for about a minute.

There’s no recovery; she’s good to go the second she wakes up. Her parents should be good to go several hours later, when their hearts slow down a bit.

One Response to “Nervous Daddy Update”

  1. Papa Ducky Says:

    She will do well; fret not nor shall you worry! Plus she’ll be in our prayers.