Tongue Tie-less Baby Update

Filed under: doctor,family,funny,thoughts — by Lex on March 29th, 2007 @ 10:51 pm

Anya’s surgery on Wednesday went very well. She did great. The procedure took about two minutes, and after some initial crankiness — which was fair, given that we had forced her to wake up early, kept her hungry, and then had her have surgery on top of it all — she was just fine.

Since the surgery, Anya’s been drooling in puddles. Certainly that might be attributable to the single (dissolving) stitch under her tongue, or just the newfound freedom in her mouth. Or it could be early signs of teething. Or, it could simply be a sign of being a 5-month-old baby.

We’ve seen that little tongue of hers (which was once tethered tightly to the inside of her mouth at all times) poke out a few times now, and we’ve also marveled at how she can raise it to the roof of her mouth — something she hadn’t been able to do before.

Oh, one more fun detail. During the procedure, Lauren and I were of course nervous. They had taken our baby away for surgery, after all! I began nervous chatter, talking about anything and everything. Lauren, on the other hand, remained pretty quiet the entire time, waiting in the doorway of our room to watch for our doctor’s return. I resisted then — but not now — the appeal of pointing out that throughout Anya’s procedure, Lauren was mostly tongue-tied.

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  1. Grammy Says:

    Oh, Lex. Such a pun.