April baby

Filed under: funny,news,photos — by Lauren on April 6th, 2007 @ 1:33 am

I know I’m a total dork for doing it, but I entered a picture of Anya in Hudson Baby’s Baby of the Month contest for April.  I purchased a bunch of 6-9 months clothes from them through Amazon recently, and they started sending me weekly newsletters with discount offers.  I noticed their contest when I was checking out their website, and since the prize was a $25 gift certificate, I submitted the picture of Anya with her pre-surgery tongue sticking out (as seen in the previous post).

Turns out that even without the bias of being her mom, she’s pretty cute.  She won!

3 Responses to “April baby”

  1. Marnie Says:

    She’s winning internet contests already? Apparently she’s her father’s daughter…if she starts singing, “What’s a TiVo,” you may have another hit on your hands!

  2. Grammy Says:

    I already knew she was beautiful. Confirmation is always welcome. Mazel tov, Anya.

  3. Papa Ducky Says:

    Wowee! Anya’s an internet hit–or millions of them–and she isn’t even six months old. Then, again, she’s such a honey that it’s no wonder she won!