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Anya is going to have lots of firsts in her life, and some have been amazing…the first smile, first laugh, first time rolling over. Right now we’re enjoying her first trip to Tucson to visit Papa Ducky and Grammy. However, getting sick for the first time is not one we were looking forward to. Fortunately, all she has is a mild cold. She’s been sneezing up lot of gross clear snot and she sounds congested, but she hasn’t run a fever and she’s not at all cranky. In fact, she’s been her usual smiley self, except when I try to clean her face or use the aspirator to suction out her nose. Then, she cries. It’s amazing how much of a person she’s become in less than half a year – she’s really able to exert her free will now and therefore makes it extremely difficult for me to get even a few saline drops in her nose. She’ll turn her head every which way to avoid it.

The only other notable way the cold is affecting her is her ability to sleep. She wasn’t a champion napper or sleeper before, of course – she started waiting to nurse to nap instead of letting me put her down – but with the cold, she really can’t lie down comfortably. We started having her sleep in her car seat yesterday, and what a difference that made! She took a 90 minute nap in the morning and another 45 minute nap in the afternoon – these are records for Anya, the queen of the 10 minute nap (after 25 minutes of effort to get her to fall asleep in the first place). Lex and I tried to put her to sleep last night in the Pack and Play her grandparents had provided, but she was pretty unhappy, and as soon as we put her into the car seat she fell asleep. Of course, when she woke up at midnight to nurse, she ended up sleeping on my shoulder for the rest of the night (not too comfortable for me, but I managed to get some sleep). Lex took her around 6 am and she slept on his shoulder for a while as well while I enjoyed the luxury of sleeping lying down.

Today she took most of her naps in the car seat and is sleeping in it as I write this. She did take one nap in Lex’s arms this morning. I had taken a shower and was getting dressed when our 7-year-old niece Lior knocked on the door. She said she had a message from Lex for me, and when I asked what it was, she said “Lex said to tell you that Anya passed away.” Luckily I have enough sanity left to realize that was not what she meant, and she figured out she meant to say “passed out” and corrected herself. I went out to the living room and there was Anya, slumped against Lex’s chest, mouth open and drooling. She had fallen asleep while everyone was talking.  Having a cold really makes her tired!

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