6 months update

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6 Months Old!

It’s hard to believe it, but Anya is 6 months old today! As cliché as it sounds, where has the time gone? It really feels like she just got here, but if you look back at our posts from when we first brought her home and compare what she was like then to all of the things she can do now, it’s pretty amazing that she has grown so much in such a short time.

Anya continues to explore all of the things her body can do. She loves to shake things to see what kind of noises they’ll make. Tapping is another favorite for her, and she especially loves to bang on Lex’s computer (it’s very funny; we’ll get a video up of it soon). She grabs at everything; no plate of food is safe around her. Charlie is also a prime target. The other day she grabbed his tail and pulled out a fistful of hair. To his credit, Charlie didn’t even flinch, but if he sees her reaching for him now, he runs away. We’ve had to move Anya’s infant tub into the big tub instead of the counter or the floor because she discovered the joy of kicking her feet to splash, soaking Mommy or Daddy. She can sit for several minutes unsupported, but we have to stay close by or put pillows around her because she can topple over without any warning. Jumping is big for her, too, whether it’s in her Jumperoo or just in someone’s arms.

Anya is working on becoming more mobile. She still rolls from tummy to back like a champ, and is SO close to rolling from her back to her tummy – she just needs to swing her legs the rest of the way over and she’ll have it. She’s actually showing some interest in it now and gets a little frustrated when she wants something but can’t roll to get it. Most of the time, though, she ends up distracted by her feet and stops trying to roll to play with them instead. Anya will spend a little more time on her tummy now instead of immediately rolling over, and she’s been making some attempts to crawl, but since she’s not pushing up on her hands and knees yet, her efforts are pretty fruitless. She looks like she’s trying to swim on the floor, or she’ll pull one leg up to her chest, which ultimately causes her to flip over onto her back or spin around in a circle. We’re not in any hurry for her to crawl yet – baby-proofing our house is going to be a nightmare. Maybe we should just move!

Lex and I have both marveled recently at how Anya is becoming a real person. She is much more independent – she can play by herself for at least 10 minutes, if she’s in a good mood – and she certainly expresses her opinions when she likes or doesn’t like something. We love it when she giggles in delight over something (the song “Shaky, Shaky” by the Wiggles is a favorite of hers); we’re not as huge fans of the whining that ensues when she’s less than thrilled. She loves to cuddle and touch our faces, and when she comes in for a hug or lifts her arms to be picked up, I melt. She’s starting to babble consonants – we’re hearing some m’s and b’s, but mostly she’s whispering pa pa pa. There’s also been a blowing raspberries renaissance, especially since her tongue surgery.

Nursing and diapering Anya still present unique challenges for us. Much of the time when Anya eats, it is without incident. In fact, she will often refuse to nap and wait until it’s time to nurse to take a quick snooze. It’s particularly nice when she holds my hand, or gazes into my eyes and touches my face. Some of the time, however, I could have Anya arrested for parent abuse. As I said, she loves to tap, but during nursing she goes to town smacking me repeatedly on the chest. She also has a cute little move that involves squirming left to right with her whole body while having her mouth securely attached to my breast. And let’s not forget the ever-constant battle between me and Anya’s hands, which are determined to make their way into her mouth while she nurses. We’re still having many of the same diaper struggles we were having at 5 months, although she’s added two new tricks to the arsenal – lifting up her head and shoulders (like doing a sit-up), and sticking her hands into the diaper. I hand her something before taking the diaper off to keep her busy, usually the bottle of saline nose drops, which for some reason she finds very exciting.

Ahhh, sleeping…Well, she’s been in the crib since we came back from Tucson. The first three nights were pretty rough; one of us had to stand by the crib and make physical contact with her for about three hours total each night or she screamed. On Sunday we gave up and decided to try letting her cry herself to sleep (using the popular Ferber method). It’s been very traumatic for me, but it is working. The first night she cried for more than an hour, the second for 35 minutes, the third for 25, and last night just 15. Each night she’s been waking up less and going back to sleep more quickly as well. I wouldn’t recommend this technique to anyone except as a last resort, which is where we were. On a more positive note, she’s completely swaddle-free now, courtesy of our trip to Tucson. It was just too hot to swaddle her there. (see Lex’s post below for more sleep details)

The big news of the day is that Anya tried her first solid food today. Lex was very excited to be the first person to ever feed Anya solids. We went with rice cereal, mixed with a lot of breast milk. She did a great job and seemed to really enjoy it:

It’s been a great month for Anya. We won’t know how much she has grown physically until Monday, when she has her 6 months appointment. I’m estimating she’s at 27 ½ inches, and close to 18 lbs. We’ll be sure to post an update then.

2 Responses to “6 months update”

  1. Grammy Says:

    I giggled along with Anya and you and enjoyed the video. I’m so glad you shared it.

    Perhaps Anya would like to hold a short-stemmed plastic baby spoon while you feed her from the long handled one. Then maybe she wouldn’t feel quite as strongly that you should share the one you are holding.

    (The short handled one gives less force to any blows she strikes so she doesn’t give herself a black eye.)

  2. Papa Ducky Says:

    I never saw a baby devour food from a spoon on the first-ever try the way Anya did. Obviously she got an “A” on that lesson in baby school. I’m also delighted to read how she’s learning to go to sleep and stay asleep! They grow up so fast, ain’t?