Our crazy baby

Filed under: funny,video — by Lauren on May 4th, 2007 @ 10:31 pm

Here’s a fairly long video of some of the things Anya does these days.  In particular, it features lots of her crazy, demonic growling babble.  We haven’t called in an exorcist yet, but we’re shopping around…

2 Responses to “Our crazy baby”

  1. Mommy aka Grammy Says:

    I love Anya and really enjoy these videos. They are at leats as riveting as prime-time TV. 🙂

    I heard Anya say MaMa and wave Hi when asked to. She’s brilliant!

  2. Baby Blog » A little more tummy drama Says:

    […] I started nursing Anya again on Friday.  It seemed to be going well, although at night we had a questionable diaper.  She also started coughing, but we weren’t too concerned.  Saturday morning I nursed her, and she proceeded to throw up all over my chest and the bed.  Not spit up, THROW UP.  We joked about her growling making her look possessed, but this was a total scene out of The Exorcist.  It seemed like whatever she had eaten had quadrupled before coming back up.  After cleaning the both of us up, we gave her a break and then I finished nursing her.  Not too soon after we were done, she did it again, and when I yelled to Lex to come in she did it some more.  Lex said he was afraid she was going to drown in the ever deepening puddle that was building around us. […]