Poop Watch 2007 update

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I took Anya back to the doctor yesterday because it had been 2 full weeks of diarrhea. He no longer felt we could suspect a harmless stomach bug, since 14 days is a long time, even for a baby. Also, she hadn’t gained any weight in the last two weeks, which was a little concerning.

He suggested four possible culprits: transient lactose intolerance (best case scenario), the medication I am taking for my ulcerative colitis, a more serious infection (such as salmonella or E. coli), or a gastrointestinal problem. We’re not going to worry about a GI issue unless we rule everything else out, and the chance of it being a serious infection is slim, since she has no other symptoms. The doctor has put her on a soy, lactose-free formula temporarily but indefinitely. If she has transient lactose intolerance, this will give her digestive tract the break it needs to get itself back together. He gave me 4 cans of the Similac Soy Anti-Diarrheal formula and said I could use the soy powder I have at home once she finishes the cans.

Well, I’m happy to report that after less than 24 hours, she is diarrhea-free. Her poops look like, well, poop (formula poops are much thicker and stinkier than breast milk poops, in case anyone was wondering). Not one diaper leaked today, hooray! The doctor is very pleased, and said that I may be able to resume nursing again as early as Friday, as long as she stays healthy. Of course, if I start nursing again and she goes back to having diarrhea, then we have a problem, since I’m having a tough time shaking this colitis flare up and I’ll probably need to be on meds for a few more weeks. Keep your fingers crossed that it was transient lactose intolerance after all and we are now in the clear!

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  1. Amnesty Says:

    Yay for normal poop!!!
    Good luck with going back to nursing. I really hope it works out for you!