A little more tummy drama

Filed under: doctor,symptoms — by Lauren on May 14th, 2007 @ 8:21 am

I started nursing Anya again on Friday.  It seemed to be going well, although at night we had a questionable diaper.  She also started coughing, but we weren’t too concerned.  Saturday morning I nursed her, and she proceeded to throw up all over my chest and the bed.  Not spit up, THROW UP.  We joked about her growling making her look possessed, but this was a total scene out of The Exorcist.  It seemed like whatever she had eaten had quadrupled before coming back up.  After cleaning the both of us up, we gave her a break and then I finished nursing her.  Not too soon after we were done, she did it again, and when I yelled to Lex to come in she did it some more.  Lex said he was afraid she was going to drown in the ever deepening puddle that was building around us.

As I changed into my third pair of pajamas of the morning, Lex called the doctor.  He said to get her some Pedialyte (by the way, there’s no need to buy the flavored kind; Anya had no problem with plain stuff) and bring her in later that day.  Aside from the coughing and vomiting, Anya was fine – she had no fever and was laughing and giggling.  The doctor said keep her on Pedialyte for a few hours, and if she kept it down we could try the soy formula again (in case it was the meds or the lactose).  We gave her a little that afternoon, no problems, and she took about 5 oz. before bedtime.  After she had been asleep for an hour, she woke up crying.  She coughed, and when I checked the monitor it became obvious that she had vomited again.  We ran up to check on her and just could not believe how much she had thrown up.  She was covered from her head to her stomach.  I scooped her up and consoled her, then got her into a bath while Lex cleaned up the crib and phoned the doctor on call.  She said start with the Pedialyte again in about an hour, but if she threw up again we should take her to the ER.  While on the phone with Lex’s parents, Anya started retching again, and though not too much came out, since her stomach was already pretty empty, we chose to play it safe and take her to the hospital.

At the ER, they gave us more Pedialyte and took some blood.  They eventually let us go home with instructions to only give her Pedialyte until we spoke with our doctor in the morning.  That process took about 5 hours, bringing us home again around 3 am.  Anya woke up at 5 am (she had been sleeping in the car seat in our room, since her crib was not yet ready for use again).  We gave her about 2 oz. of Pedialyte in small amounts over the course of the next hour an half, with her falling asleep on my shoulder in between.  At 7:30 she woke up for the morning, and we gave her another 2 oz.  When we spoke with the doctor, he said it sounded like she was doing well, and that we should continue with the Pedialyte every 3 hours and call him at 1.  Since Anya still was keeping everything down at 1, he said we could try breast milk again at her next feeding.  I suppose the one positive thing about her throwing up the soy formula was that we couldn’t blame her being sick on the breast milk alone.

To be safe, we started by giving her milk I had pumped from before I started taking the meds.  She took 2 oz. with no problems, aside from being pretty annoyed that we weren’t giving her more than that (we supplemented with Pedialyte).  She got 3 oz. more a few hours later, and since none of that milk came back to visit, I nursed her before bedtime.

So far, so good.  She’s still got a significant cough and she’s starting to sneeze up some clear mucus, but on the vomiting front, things are much improved.  We’ll see what today’s diapers bring.

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