One step forward, two steps back

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The tummy saga continues.

I started nursing Anya again on Sunday. I had not taken the Canasa since Friday night – good news for Anya, not for me. Everything poop-related was exactly as it should be on Monday, at least for Anya, again, not for me. I was all ready to write a post entitled “Poop Watch 2007, the Conclusion” but that is not what fate had in store for us. I called my doctor Monday morning and requested to switch to Rowasa, which is the same medication that’s in the Canasa, but in a different form. He also put me on Prednisone (grrr) but agreed to let me try the 6-day dose pack instead of jumping right into a daily dose.

I nursed Anya Monday night, and before bed I took the Rowasa. I hoped with every ounce of my being that she would be fine the next day, but the diarrhea came back. Now we know conclusively that the medication was the cause, so Lex and I agreed to put nursing on hold until I am off the medication (I think I may need to get a new pump; mine is starting to wheeze at the stress of overuse). We put her back on the soy formula; she took about 4 oz. before we went to our Baby Rock and Roll class and everything seemed fine. She had been coughing a little that morning but stopped, and her nose was no longer running. Well, we get to class and are sitting in the circle when Anya starts coughing a little, so I gave her a pat on the back and suddenly the mat was covered in the soy formula again. Everyone was very nice in helping me get her cleaned up. I must have looked extremely worried because they kept trying to reassure me that she was okay. Once I mentioned that we had put her on the formula that morning they tried to convince me to stay – “Of course that was the cause.” One mom whose baby is on formula exclusively said her daughter has done that a couple of times due to an air bubble. I still wanted to take Anya home just in case, especially after she started to retch again (I managed to hold her over the trash can; it was mostly mucus and a little more formula).

As we were driving home, I heard her gagging again, so I pulled over to check on her, and it looked as though she had just spit up, so I wiped her off and hurried home. On Saturday when she had thrown up, she got it all out and that was it, but today she just kept gagging and bringing more stuff up. Eventually she was vomiting what looked like thick yellow Gatorade, and she was turning bright red each time she tried to get it out. We called the doctor after the 5th time, and were told not to worry about the yellow vomit (apparently that’s not a big deal), go back on the Pedialyte, and bring her in again. She was also getting a little lethargic, but she was overdue for a nap and had put in a lot of energy vomiting. Her color was good and her mouth and skin were moist, so dehydration wasn’t likely yet.

At the office, they weighed Anya – she lost 2 oz. since her 6 months appointment, which is definitely a cause for concern, although since she’s still such a chub no one was worried about her being malnourished. Otherwise she looked healthy, aside from a little fluid in her right ear. Dr. Patel agreed that we needed to hold off on nursing until I’m off the medication, and he wanted us to switch to a new formula from Nestle. The plan was to keep her on Pedialyte for most of the afternoon and then give her 2 oz. of the formula every hour until bedtime.

Today went well, though by 5 pm I think she was pretty hungry and tired of the Pedialyte. She kept trying to nurse on any exposed area of my skin, and signed milk repeatedly during the last bottle of Pedialyte. She had diarrhea a couple of times before we started the formula, but that is likely residual effect of the evil breast milk I gave her this morning combined with today’s liquid only diet. This formula has to be the answer; I can’t bear to see her suffering like this (but at least she’s oblivious to it, for the most part).

I called the company that manufactures Canasa to report Anya’s reaction; I’ll try to get in touch with the makers of Rowasa and the FDA tomorrow. I couldn’t say that it would have been worth it, but I’ll be glad if this whole debacle helps some other mom and her baby in the future.

Let’s hope my next post really is the conclusion of Poop Watch 2007.

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