8 months update

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8 months bear picture

Anya turned 8 months old on Tuesday! She went to the pediatrician today, and she weighed in at 18 lbs, 12 oz (65th percentile) and is 27 1/4 inches long (60th percentile). She didn’t grow too much in the last month, but the doctor wasn’t worried. I guess our giant baby is now a regular sized baby. She may actually make her 6-9 months clothes last until she’s 9 months old! She has two little teeth on the bottom and two more making their way through on the top. The doctor says she looks fantastic.

I’m still taking medication to get past this current colitis flare up, so we haven’t returned to breastfeeding full-time yet. However, we started experimenting with nursing in the afternoon and evening and only giving formula in the morning, and it seems to be going well for her, diaper-wise (keep your fingers crossed!). The fact that she’s getting breastmilk for 2 out of her 4 feedings makes it much easier to stick with pumping and dumping without getting too depressed about it.

On the subject of eating, Anya’s doing SO much better with solids. It took until she was about 7 ½ months old for her to really accept anything, but she’s getting there, and now when she’s willing to eat, she will sit in her high chair. She still doesn’t love baby food, though she will eat it some of the time, especially applesauce. Though we haven’t been letting her, I think she would much rather eat what we’re eating since she loves finger foods. Her favorite thing by far is Arrowhead Mills puffed rice cereal (Thanks for the suggestion, Amnesty!) and she is a pro at feeding herself:

In the past few weeks Anya has become a lot more aware of her individual fingers. She loves to use her index fingers to touch everything. Logos on shirts are a favorite of hers, but she also likes buttons, freckles, you name it. She’s been exploring the fun of sticking her fingers into things as well, so she’ll find the little screw holes on her toys on poke her fingers in there. Unfortunately, her nose is another favorite place to stick her fingers into – gross! She likes it when I point my index finger at her so she can try to touch it with hers (I call it kissing fingers). If I point at something, she’ll look to see what I’m showing her, but so far she mostly points at things that are within her reach.

I think Anya’s getting better at signing, but it’s hard to tell. Her sign for “milk” is very clear, but it’s also her catchall sign, so she uses it at times when she doesn’t actually want milk. The signs we’ve been using for “milk” and “cereal” are very similar, plus they both look like waving, and since she can do all three it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what she means – AND sometimes she’s just playing with her fingers. We run into the same problem with “more” and “finished” because they use similar motions to clapping, and Anya is still a clapoholic. I’ve been singing some songs that involve clapping with her, and she’s starting to learn when the right times to clap are. However, she also loves to clap once I start singing any song, during the middle of the song, when I finish the song…she’s certainly doing a lot for my ego. Her new favorite is “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” She’s mesmerized by the hand motions and gets annoyed if I don’t start singing it again immediately after she finishes clapping her hands (or signing “more” perhaps?). Anya’s still a big babbler, and she uses a whole range of consonants and vowels. She’s starting to imitate sounds and inflections, too – “Uh oh” is her favorite.

Despite not really crawling yet, Anya has a real talent for getting into places she shouldn’t be – under her swing right by the cable box, for example. She rolls around, pushes herself backwards, and crawls in a circle quite well, so she’s using combinations of these moves to get around. She’s pushed all the way up on her hands and knees a couple of times, and Friday she actually pushed herself forward about 6 inches to get her paci. Now she can transition to her tummy from sitting on any surface, though she’s still tentative at times, and she moves herself forward when sitting because she gets really excited and kind of jumps up and down on her tush. She’s also been taking practice steps while holding on to someone’s hands, but she isn’t very steady on her feet and is definitely not ready to hold herself up or cruise just yet.

What else? She is absolutely sleeping through the night and generally falls asleep within 10 minutes of being put down. Naps remain a difficulty – she won’t nap in her crib, so I’m still putting her in her car seat. She’s down to two naps a day, lasting from anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour and half with no predictability. Occasionally she’ll take a third nap if we take a car ride at an opportune time, and sometimes she ends up needing a “pre-bedtime nap” around 6:30 pm. The doctor said some babies really do need less sleep than others, and as long as she’s not cranky I shouldn’t worry. Anya is such a happy baby; I guess she is just having so much fun playing that she doesn’t want to be bothered with napping!

I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell

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Actually, Anya has a fever – her first – and the cure was Tylenol and lots of rest.  She was fairly cranky today, understandably, of course.  We learned that taking her temperature under her arm is significantly inaccurate – 97.4 vs. 101.5 done the old-fashioned (read: rectal) way, at least with our thermometer.  We also discovered that one of the nurses at our pediatrician’s office is a moron who could not figure out what the proper dose of Tylenol for an 8 month old is.

Anya probably caught whatever I’ve been battling since Thursday even though I haven’t had a fever (but boy, does my throat HURT.  It is hard to sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” over and over again when it feels like your tonsils have been replaced with rocks.)   The old wives out there would have you believe that she’s running a fever because her top two teeth are starting to come in, but our doctor says teething can’t cause a fever.  Whatever the reason, I hope she’s back to her usual sunny self tomorrow.

Let the babyproofing begin!

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Tonight we finally took our first step towards getting this house ready for Anya’s imminent mobility – we put foam guards around the hearth of our fireplace.  They’re only attached with double-sided sticky tape, so I’m guessing we’ll eventually need to find something stronger to hold them on, but for now it should work.  She’s not crawling yet or pulling up, but it’s not for lack of trying.  Today she grabbed the side of the laundry basket and had her chest off the floor up to her belly button.  It got much trickier for her as I took more and more laundry out of the basket to put away – she started sliding across the floor.  Poor kid; we really don’t have any surface that is ideal for her to practice with when it comes to pulling up.  Everything is either too high, too slippery, or not sturdy enough.  It would help if she could push up on her knees without having her face on the floor, I suppose.
We haven’t been blogging as often as we had been in the past, and it’s because we don’t want to take time away from playing with Anya to post.  She’s so much fun these days!  We’ll put up a big post next week when she turns 8 months old.

How about a round of applause for Anya?

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She can provide it herself, if need be!