Play time with Anya

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When Anya was first born, playing with her was a pretty one-sided activity.  It usually involved me singing songs to her for hours while she more or less looked at me.  Eventually she at least smiled back at my goofy grin.  Now she is so interactive and can really get involved in some back and forth play.  Check out Anya doing “So big!” and playing “Open, Shut Them”:

Anya is also getting her (or our, rather) money’s worth out of her exersaucer, though I’m not sure the people at Evenflo had this in mind:

Who is this baby?

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I thought I knew my baby, but just when I think I’ve got her figured out, she changes things up again.  For the past week, Anya’s been taking naps IN HER CRIB, and today, she napped even though I put her down AWAKE – both times!  I’ve been able to leave the car seat in the car.  Crazy, huh?

Then tonight during dinner, Anya not only ate more than a jar’s worth of baby food, but she ate it eagerly!  From a spoon!  She also ate some ground beef, blueberries, banana, puffed rice cereal, not to mention a Gerber wagon wheel and part of a rice cake, but still, more than a jar of baby food!?!  It usually takes her at least 4 meals to eat a jar’s worth of baby food!  I’m hesitant to believe that this is the start of a new trend like the naps have been, but at least I can take comfort in the fact that at least one of the jars of baby food we bought didn’t get wasted.  Woohoo!

Stand up!

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Anya started pulling herself up to standing at the end of June, but only did it occasionally, and she was very unsteady once she got herself up. She’s getting much better at it, though – today she pulled herself up both in her crib and on her LeapFrog table, and stood playing (without Mommy standing right behind her!) for several minutes before plopping down hard on her tush. Luckily diapers provide lots of extra padding!

Pulling up Standing

She was very pleased with herself!

This face might look scary, but it’s one of the quirky things Anya does when she’s happy.
Vampire face!  Aaaah!

Crawling champion

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Ani is no longer an amateur in the field of crawling. She is an expert, and can get wherever she wants — really fast.

And unbeknownst to Anya or her parents, sometime before yesterday she had already achieved the ability to crawl up a single step, which we all learned when she demonstrated the impressive talent at a friend’s house.

I wanted to make a comment about how we need a news ticker “crawl” about Anya’s developments like CNN uses at the bottom of their screen, but it’s too early for me to make the crawl joke work. Instead, I will share this new limerick that uses the best rhymes I know for Anya.

While baking a yummy lasagna
I poured some delicious cham-pan-ya
In fact, no I didn’t
Those are both lies
And the only point of this is that I only know two solid rhymes for the name “Anya.”

9 months update

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9 months bear picture
And she's off!

Anya is 9 months old today, can you believe it? She’s been out as long as she had been in! She doesn’t go to the pediatrician this month, but I tried measuring her myself yesterday. I have no idea if I was accurate or not, but I got 28 inches for her length. I used the “weigh us together, weigh just myself, subtract” method to get her weight and got 19.5 lbs, but our scale rounds to the nearest half pound, so again, the accuracy is questionable. I checked an online growth chart, and if I measured right, she would be somewhere between the 60th and 65th percentile for both height and weight, so I was probably pretty close if you compare her to last month.

It’s been a very busy month for Anya. Sitting herself up and learning to crawl were two very big accomplishments. She’s got 3 main modes of crawling: worming on her stomach, the traditional hands and knees, and what I like to call the Quasimodo – hands, knee, and foot. That one is my favorite, though it gives her a funny loping kind of gait. She’s getting faster and more in control each day, and nothing motivates her more than something she’s not supposed to have (Charlie’s toys and chewies are a BIG attraction). Sometimes she slows her progress down by sitting up in the middle of crawling, not always intentionally – that happens a lot when she’s Quasimodo-ing across the floor. Other fun things she’s been doing are spinning around in a circle on her tush while playing on the floor and pushing up on hands and feet with her tush straight up in the air. She’s trying very hard to pull up and has done it a bunch of times, but she can’t figure out how to get good traction on our slippery microfiber couch. Even when she gets up, she’s still very wobbly and falls easily when she loses her footing or because she let’s go. Her most preferred thing to pull up on is her mom. I keep telling her I’m not a jungle gym, but she doesn’t seem to care.

We’re pretty much done with baby food; I’m just trying to use up what we have in the house, and really I’m ready to give away what we’ve got instead of continuing the exercise in futility that is trying to spoon feed Anya. Even the applesauce (the one thing she willingly eats from a spoon) we give her now is regular “grownup” applesauce instead of baby food apples. She’s got a pretty big repertoire of table foods though, and she still loves to feed herself. Cheerios have replaced puffed rice cereal as her favorite food. If I put both cereals on her tray, she picks out all of the Cheerios. We’ve also started giving her some foods in one of those mesh feeders, and she loves it. It’s very messy, but it’s a good way to give her things that would otherwise be difficult, like blueberries.

I’m still struggling to get past this colitis flare up, but she nurses at least twice on the post-medication days and for all feedings when I have in-between days. She’s been very helpful when her dad is out of town – she holds her own bottle while I pump. Anya’s not as violent as she used to be when nursing; now she just has wandering hands. When she’s awake, she has to touch something the whole time, whether it’s my arm, my mouth, her hair – whatever she can get. She doesn’t just touch, though. She pulls, pokes, and pinches as well. One thing she does occasionally that I love is she’ll look up at me and wave while nursing – it’s so sweet!

Speaking of waving, it has definitely replaced clapping as Anya’s favorite pastime. She loves to wave at people, at her reflection, at the dog, sometimes even at inanimate objects. She knows if I tell her to say “hi” or “bye-bye” it means she should wave. Her language skills are really starting to develop – we hear “Uh oh” all day long. She repeats a lot of words and sounds we say to her, including dog, bye-bye, and ball. My mom and Lex said she said “Hooray” at the airport on the way back from our Florida trip, and I could swear she said “Chicken” last night when I was giving her dinner. She’s a very good parrot 🙂 I wouldn’t say that any of these are her first real word yet, since I’m not sure she understands what they mean, although on Tuesday she was playing next to Charlie, then she put her hand on him and started saying what sounded like dog. Could have been a coincidence, though. Signing has taken a bit of a leave of absence since crawling became her main focus, but we’re seeing it return again – I got a really good “milk” last night, and “finished” is starting to come up more frequently, especially during diaper changes. She’ll try to sign “play” when I change her diaper to remind me that she wants a toy or her nose drops to hold, and every now and then she attempts to sign “more” while eating, but it really looks like clapping so it’s hard to tell.

Anya and I have been trying to make the most of these summer days while Lex is working. Aside from playdates with her friends, we’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool, and Anya just loves the water. Being outside in the heat gives her a lot of opportunities to practice using her sippy cups. She’s very good at getting the water out of the cup; now she needs to work a little more on swallowing instead of letting it dribble out. We sing lots of songs together, and she’s starting to use hand motions for a few songs, including “Open, Shut Them.” She doesn’t do it every time, but when she does, it’s very cute. Not surprisingly, she loves the “Give a little clap, clap, clap” part the best. This morning she surprised me by lifting her hands way up over her head when I asked her “How big is Anya?” Of course, I was very excited and made a big deal, so now she’s done it a bunch of times and laughs like crazy each time. We love her so much, and it’s hard to I remember what life was like before her. This month (see photos from the end of June and the beginning of July) was great. Looking forward to what the next month brings!

Anya on the move

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Here’s video of Anya crawling (filmed last week, but hey, we’re a little slow).  You can also hear her saying “Uh, oh” at the beginning.

Bottoms up!

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Anya’s had a very busy week – she’s learned to sit herself up and crawl, and today she has at last figured out that sippy cups are for more than shaking and throwing on the floor. We’ve been practicing with Avent Magic Trainers and 2 different kinds of Nuby cups, one with a straw and one without. She was very cute as she sucked away on the Nuby with the straw and slurped on the Magic Trainer.

Staying power

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I’ve been having a lot of fun with Anya the last few days as her understanding of object permanence continues to develop.  We play a game where I hide an object (with her watching) and then she finds it.  I have to make sure that what I’m hiding is more interesting than what I’m hiding it with, though – she’d just as soon play with a receiving blanket or scarf as check to see what’s under it.  The other day we were playing the game on my bed and I was alternating hiding the fan remote under the blanket and under my skirt.  Well, I decided to try hiding it behind her back, but she didn’t see where I put it, and when I asked her where the remote was, she immediately checked under the blanket. Okay, so you’re probably thinking that’s no big deal, but think about it – she not only was able to understand that the remote exists even though she couldn’t see it, but she also remembered where it had been before!  That’s a pretty big accomplishment for someone who less than a year ago only had crying, sleeping, and eating in her repertoire of behaviors.  It’s really amazing how much babies learn and grow in their first year.  Imagine if we continued to develop at that pace – we’d be intellectual giants, both figuratively and literally!

Sit. Come.

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Charlie and Anya have something in common now – they can both sit up by themselves and get across the floor!  Today Anya figured out how to push herself up to sitting from her tummy today, and just like rolling, once she did it, she had it mastered.  She’s also just about crawling.  She’s still using her face some of the time as a fifth appendage, but she got all the way across the floor in Lex’s office today.  I’ve said this before, but we REALLY need to get this place baby-proofed.

Eats, Poops, and Leaves

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As Anya learns to eat solid foods more successfully, there’s a corollary effect as well: Solid poops.

When Anya moves her bowels, it’s often now as solid as the poops you or I poop out. It’s quite a change from the breastmilk slurpees, or the formula sludge, or the breastmilk-and-formula slurpee-sludge.

This, like everything else, makes us proud.

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