Staying power

Filed under: baby's progress,thoughts — by Lauren on July 8th, 2007 @ 10:24 pm

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Anya the last few days as her understanding of object permanence continues to develop.  We play a game where I hide an object (with her watching) and then she finds it.  I have to make sure that what I’m hiding is more interesting than what I’m hiding it with, though – she’d just as soon play with a receiving blanket or scarf as check to see what’s under it.  The other day we were playing the game on my bed and I was alternating hiding the fan remote under the blanket and under my skirt.  Well, I decided to try hiding it behind her back, but she didn’t see where I put it, and when I asked her where the remote was, she immediately checked under the blanket. Okay, so you’re probably thinking that’s no big deal, but think about it – she not only was able to understand that the remote exists even though she couldn’t see it, but she also remembered where it had been before!  That’s a pretty big accomplishment for someone who less than a year ago only had crying, sleeping, and eating in her repertoire of behaviors.  It’s really amazing how much babies learn and grow in their first year.  Imagine if we continued to develop at that pace – we’d be intellectual giants, both figuratively and literally!

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