Crawling champion

Filed under: baby's progress — by Lex on July 23rd, 2007 @ 6:20 am

Ani is no longer an amateur in the field of crawling. She is an expert, and can get wherever she wants — really fast.

And unbeknownst to Anya or her parents, sometime before yesterday she had already achieved the ability to crawl up a single step, which we all learned when she demonstrated the impressive talent at a friend’s house.

I wanted to make a comment about how we need a news ticker “crawl” about Anya’s developments like CNN uses at the bottom of their screen, but it’s too early for me to make the crawl joke work. Instead, I will share this new limerick that uses the best rhymes I know for Anya.

While baking a yummy lasagna
I poured some delicious cham-pan-ya
In fact, no I didn’t
Those are both lies
And the only point of this is that I only know two solid rhymes for the name “Anya.”

One Response to “Crawling champion”

  1. Marnie Says:

    Anya Lasagna and Yoni Macaroni…the Carbo Cousins. Will we be adding Jenny Penne and Dottie Manicotti to the pasta salad?