2 pieces of good news

Filed under: news,symptoms — by Lauren on August 5th, 2007 @ 8:42 am

#1 – I am going back to work in September! A fantastic part-time teaching position in the Manalapan school district (where I attended elementary and middle school) more or less fell into my lap. It’s a resource position in a 6th grade classroom, teaching only two periods in the afternoon. I wouldn’t need to be at work until noon, and I’ll be able to leave by 2:30. I’ll get to spend the whole morning and most of the afternoon with Anya, but I’ll still be able to teach. My mom is going to watch her two days a week, and we enrolled her in one of the local Goddard Schools for the other three. A lot of what I’ll take home from my salary is going to end up paying for day care, but that’s okay. I don’t consider the real benefit of this job the money; it’s more about getting my foot in the door so that when I’m ready to go back full-time, I already have experience with the district. The job doesn’t provide any insurance benefits since it’s considered a .372 position, but it is on a tenure track and it applies towards a pension. I’m very excited about this, and I think day care is going to be a positive experience for Anya.

#2 – Anya is finally back to nursing 100% of the time! No more formula! I’m still taking the medication that had been upsetting her stomach, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering her anymore. We decided awhile ago to try introducing breastmilk on post-medication days very slowly, one breast, one feeding at a time. We started with the last feeding of the day and worked back to the morning feeding. Well, as of last weekend, we finally cut out the last bottle of formula, and Anya has been doing wonderfully. Poop Watch 2007 is officially over – and I hope I never need to see my breast pump again!

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