10 months update

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10 months!  So big!

Anya turned 10 months old this past Sunday! Hard to believe our little baby girl is almost a year old! She went to the doctor today, and aside from having laryngitis (AGAIN – 4th time!), she’s doing fabulously. She weighed 20 lbs even (60th percentile) and was 28 1/2 inches long (70th percentile). Hooray, she grew! Right now she’s somewhere in between her 6-9 month and 9-12 month clothes, and I realized this morning that I need to go out and get her some pants that fit; it’s gotten much cooler in the last week, and she doesn’t have too much in 9-12 months for the fall season. 

Happy is THE word to describe Anya. Whenever she’s excited about something or hears some music, she does what we call her happy dance – shaking on her tush with a big grin. She loves to play with her toys and chase Charlie around the house, and I think she must sing to herself. She knows all of the motions for “Open, Shut Them” now and sometimes I catch her doing them even though I’m not singing the song to her. She’s a total daddy’s girl – no one gets smiles from her like he does, but she still comes to mom for cuddles and hugs (and milk, of course).

Anya’s crawling, pulling up, and cruising all over the place. She’d like to stand on her own, but she’s not quite there yet. She continues to be a big chatterbox, and her verbal skills are really starting to bloom. Aside from signing and some talking (see the video!), she’s also pointing at lots of things and saying “Ooh!” when she’s excited about what she sees. She still knows “So big!” and now can answer both “How much does Mommy love you?” by lifting her hands up in the air and “Where’s your head?” by putting her hands on her head.

So now Anya’s willing to eat some baby food, but only when we’re out of the house. I think the distraction of being at a restaurant or with other babies keeps her from remembering she doesn’t like being fed. At home, she often won’t let us feed her even finger foods anymore. She only wants to feed herself, and she’s starting to insist on big chunks of some foods instead of small pieces: 

Mmm!  Canary melon!

Given the choice, I think Anya wouldn’t eat anything other than steamed peas, American cheese, blueberries, and Cheerios, but as long as she can feed herself she’ll eat at least a few bites of whatever we give her. Anya loves to share her food with others and enjoys feeding her mom and dad (By the way, do you know what’s not delicious? Half-gummed veggie bologna that’s covered in bananas). The only thing she will not share is her cup – if you dare to try to take her water away before she’s finished, you will incur her wrath in a big way.

Another great month! This next month should be interesting – I’m going back to work part-time and Anya starts daycare. I said it before, but I think it’s going to be good for Anya to spend some time in a group setting with new people. Hopefully she’ll learn to be a little more flexible.

3 Responses to “10 months update”

  1. Renee (October Mommies) Says:

    This is my first time visiting Anya’s blog she is GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Saina Says:

    Great update, and a great month for Anya! I love the video, it is adorable. She signs and talks so well!

  3. Grand Uncle Martin Says:

    Your message isn’t long enough. You need another couple of children to lengthen your report.