More words and better day care

Filed under: baby's progress — by Lauren on September 8th, 2007 @ 11:45 pm

We’ve got more words to add to Anya’s list! She says “cheese,” “baby,” and “belly” (and she’ll sometimes pat her belly when she says it). She tries to say “Cheerios,” but that’s a tough one. She signs “book” and usually says “doo!” to indicate she wants a book (but she says “doo” for a lot of things so I don’t consider that a word). “More” has returned to its original splendor, and her sign for “eat” has gotten noticeably clearer. She also attempts to repeat “stop” when I say it to her (I use “stop” instead of “no” because she thinks “no” is a fun game). Lex is excited that it’s getting hard to keep track of her vocabulary.

(FOLLOW UP:  I forgot to mention that she also says “more” while signing “eat.”  Very cool!)

Day care is getting easier for Anya. Dropping her off is still heart-wrenching because as soon as I try to put her down she gets hysterical and clings to me like a vise. The teachers report that after I leave she cries for a while and only wants to be held, but after she stops crying they’ve been putting her down and letting her fuss a bit. Then she calms down and is willing to play. This week when I arrived to pick her up, she gave me a big smile instead of crying – a huge improvement – although as soon as she was in my arms she began waving and saying “bye-bye” to the teachers, as if to make sure I knew that she was coming with me this time!

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  1. Staci Says:

    Oh how hard to leave baby! The first time I left Jane for an overnighter I cried three times because I’d call to check in and I heard her little voice and hated I was missing something. Three cheers for Anya and Lauren! You guys have a cutie for sure. Jane would like to show her how to do “twirlies” (spinning around until she falls)and how to say “Cool!”