I “lovey” you

Filed under: baby's progress,thoughts — by Lauren on September 15th, 2007 @ 12:42 am

We’ve been trying to foster a relationship between Anya and one of her stuffed animals. The hope is that if she can find comfort in her bear she’ll stop standing up in her crib screaming for us she wakes up at 3 am. She doesn’t do that every night, but it’s been a lot more frequent in the past few weeks (since she started day care…coincidence?). We’ve been trying to rock her until she falls asleep again and lets us put her down, but many nights she ends up in our bed, and though she sleeps fairly well, I can’t say the same for us. I’m not quite sure how a munchkin like her manages to monopolize our king-size bed, but she’s very good at it.

Last night she got up and Lex went in to her to try to get her to go back to sleep. If he held her, she slept, but when he’d try to put her back in the crib she’d immediately pull herself up and start screaming again. Eventually he gave up and came back without her, saying we had to let her try to work it out herself.

She was not thrilled.

Anya stood and cried for a long time. She’d sit down, stand again, sit again. Amazingly, she managed to keep her paci in her mouth through much of this. Suddenly, after about 20 minutes she sat down, picked up her bear, and gave it a huge hug (we were watching on the video monitor, not using our x-ray vision, by the way). She held it for a bit, then leaned against one of her crib toys and fell asleep sitting up! She had the bear clutched to her chest, and at one point she sat up again and then put the bear in between her head and the toy. I think she eventually lay down, though I can’t be sure since she was standing again when she woke up at 6:30.

It was very difficult to watch her go through this last night. I still can’t stand letting Anya cry. We really don’t let her cry too often, only when nothing else seems to work. Lex was psyched that she ultimately picked up the bear and used it to comfort herself – that’s the point, I suppose – but I found it very sad to see her rocking that bear the way I rock her. I do want her to learn good sleep habits, and I do appreciate getting a full night’s sleep myself, but I felt so guilty.

3 Responses to “I “lovey” you”

  1. Amnesty Says:

    Aw, I know that’s hard! It’s nice when they do have that comfort object though. I recommend having two of them though! And they need to be identical! We recently lost one of Daisy’s blankies, and it was a good thing we had a back up, or none of us would be sleeping at all! I can’t even wash the remaining one, so I already ordered a replacement. Rory has 2 of each of his blankie and his stuffed toy, and even now that he’s 4, he can’t sleep without them, and has to bring them to preschool every day.

  2. Saina Says:

    I second Amnesty’s comment! Braiden has a special blankey (well, two of them of identical fabric, one the perfect size for travel, one crib sz). I’ve only had to leave him for a couple of times, but the blankey brings him so much comfort. I think I remember that you mentioned you had a blankey too growing up!
    It is so hard letting them cry… we went through that with Braiden. But if it gives you any hope, he is a great sleeper (7pm – 7am without waking up) now and LOVES his crib.

  3. Laura McIntyre Says:

    We have been trying to get our youngest attatched to something with still no success so maybe i should just keep trying. I hate leaving her cry to but lately there have been some moment i have had no choice, parenting can be hard work sometimes