One step at a time

Filed under: baby's progress,photos — by Lauren on October 2nd, 2007 @ 8:50 pm

Anya’s signing and talking skills seem to have regressed a little over the past few days, but apparently that’s because she’s been working on doing this:

Standing baby!

She still needs help getting herself situated and balanced initially, but she can hold herself up for about 30 seconds now. It really feels like this happened all of a sudden. Last week she couldn’t stand on her own at all. We’re not worried about the talking and signing. When she was learning to pull herself up she took a little break from her verbal skills, but after she had it figured out she got right back into the swing of things.

But wait! There’s more…


The two of us were playing together in the family room, and I had just gotten her into a standing position. Imagine how shocked I was when she picked up her left foot and took a step towards me! Of course, she fell down immediately after, but it was still very exciting. I called up to Lex to let him know, and it turns out she had done it that morning with him, too, but he wasn’t 100% sure so he hadn’t said anything to me. There are 17 days left until her birthday, and I’m still holding onto my claim that she won’t be walking by then, but I have to admit I’m saying that a little hesitantly now!

3 Responses to “One step at a time”

  1. Saina & Braiden Says:

    Yay, Anya! Braiden has been doing the same, standing unassisted, but unlike Anya, he hasn’t ventured out to take that elusive first step yet. Very cool!

  2. Susan Weiner Says:

    I was searching for something baby-related on google and came across your blog. Out of all the things I could have found on the internet, I find a baby blog and the baby has the same birthday as my daughter. What are the odds?! Too bad we live in different states because it’s always nice to add to the group of friends for playdates.

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog and think your daughter is absolutely adorable. She is doing such great things!!

  3. Amnesty Says:

    Way to go on the first step!!!
    Today when I brought Daisy to her sitter, I put her down on her feet and she walked right over to the sitter, like she’d been walking for ages, lol. It was only 3 steps, so nothing she hasn’t done before, but with much more confidence than she usually displays!